Friday, December 14, 2007

Nick Coen Turns The Heat Up Under Livingstone

Newmania is unwell and this tremendous reminder of the sort of reptile Livingstone is cannot be improved upon. Suspicions that GLA money has found its way into the coffers of hard left agitators Compass continue to buzz around the web but with no proof yet avaiable.Nick Coen write about the Standard’s investigation into why public money ended up in companies and charities controlled by the friends of Lee Jasper, his adviser on equality and policing......

"Like everyone else, Jasper is innocent until proved guilty. If we were demanding that he be punished without due process or damned without evidence, Livingstone would have every right to complain. Instead he choose to bring Lord (Herman) Ouseley, Richard Taylor, father of Damilola Taylor and other black leaders to the Mayoral press conference to denounce the Standard as “racist”. You had to listen very carefully to notice that during his bloodcurdling condemnation of a newspaper “hate campaign” against London’s blacks, Livingstone did concede that, yes, well, auditors would be checking to see if the story was true.
Innocent readers will wonder why Livingstone had to bring racism into it. Either the funds were used for their intended purpose or not. As Lord Ouseley and Livingstone’s other guests hadn’t audited the books, their opinions were beside the point. Surely the argument is about accountancy not bigotry.
Such naïve thoughts take no account of how Livingstone fights. He can’t see a belt without hitting below it.
Today he denounces the Standard as “racist” for applying the same criteria to black organisations as any other organisation. A few weeks back it wasn’t race but religion as he denounced newspapers that criticised the Holocaust deniers in the Iranian regime and a BBC investigation into the links between the totalitarian right and his allies on the Muslim Council of Britain as “Islamophobic”. Before that he said that Trevor Phillips would “soon be joining the BNP,” a revolting insult against the black chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality that was provoked by Phillips’ failure to agree with the crude multiculturalism of the Mayor and his allies.
The pattern of wild assertion against real and imagined enemies has been there from the start. Early in his career, Livingstone formed an alliance with a Trotskyist sect called the Workers Revolutionary Party. It’s remembered now for having Vanessa and Corin Redgrave among its cultists, when it should be known as the nastiest organisation on the late 20th century Left. The WRP spied on Iraqi dissidents for Saddam Hussein and took money from Colonel Gaddafi. Its primary purpose, however, was to worship the sect’s leader: Gerry Healy, a squat little Hitler – and a rapist to boot. In 1985, 26 women members came forward and accused him of ‘cruel and systematic debauchery’ on party premises.
Only the Redgraves and Healy’s most adoring fans stuck by him after that. Tellingly, Livingstone was among them. At Healy’s funeral in 1990, he dismissed the abused women as conspirators. Their testimony was a part of a “sustained and deliberate decision by MI5 to smash the organisation”.
Then as now it wasn’t enough to argue with those who disagreed with him. Criticisms can never be legitimate. There always has to be a scandalous motive. In 1990, those who upset his allies were the pawns of a dark plot by the security services. In 2007 they are racists or Islamophobes. The years pass, but his frenzy never fades."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Stars Come Out

Celebrity Blogger Dizzy and equally celebrated blogger Devils Kitchen will be floating down from Mount Olympus to hob nob with the usual suspects . These will include highly respected Croydonian Erudite Nick Drew witty City Unslicker and Ed.Do pop in for a splosh of egg nog if you cannot resist ,6.30 PM 1-3 Tooley Street,Southwark,London,SE1 2PF

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The Death Of The Nation

... for I will into the vale of Avilion to heal me of my grievous wound: and if thou hear never more of me, pray for my soul."
( Arthur`s Last words )

Today is actually it isn`t it? Might be a bit of yap in the HOP but basically we are now a part of the United States of Europe and nothing is going to change that.
Denied referendum despite 8 out of 10 wanting one ,lied to about the Constitution at the Election ,the EC to set Welfare handouts,foreign Police to arrest UK citizens in Britain,the EU to dictate new shop floor rules ,a new directly elected EU president, an EU Foreign Minister, a ratchet within the Constitution for “Ever Close Union” without further consultation and if that wasn`t enough....
A European Anthem to be shoe-horned into the treaty which will be to the tune of ‘Ode To Joy’

Ode To A Traitor
My suggested Lyrics are under comments as I though they detracted from the funereal atmophere

PS Thanks TO Cassilis For the excellent new look. No more fiddling."What Never?".. " Well hardly ever"

Nothing To Fear But Beer Itself

Blimey , time to get out the opera hat and cape.Naturally the hostesses of London will miss me dreadfully but I really ought to go and throw some Maundi Money at these socially beknighted waifs and strays...It sounds ghastly I know, but to see their shining faces all glistening with gratitude makes it all worthwhile.Oh and anyone else who wnat to come along is welcome. It is rumoured that the famous anmd fabulous Devil`s Kitchen will be making an appearance

From City Unslickers Blog

"Mr Drew and I are having a few drinks this Thursday. In a wild bid to increase the entertainment we thought it might be nice if the odd visitor from here were to join. We have already couple of trusty loudmouths to make-up for our somewhat dull conversation in the form of Ed, Newmania and Croydonian.

See you HERE from 6.30 - if you email me at then I can give you my mobile so that you will be able to recognise us (as if a group of bloggerati was unrecognisable, don't you watch Doughty Street?)

See you there. Don't expect Mr Drew to buy any drinks...."

Mr. Drew , I should explain is a legend for the tightness with which his fist grasps his wallet. I have heard that a shark`s arse is about the tightest thing in the world but its close.Apparently he never breathes out ! He once dropped 50p and bent down so quickly it hit him on the back of the head.Last year we were going to give some money to charity and Mr. Drew suggested we threw it in the air and whatever god wanted he would catch....and so on ..... and so on

Feebles Excuses No. 94

I tend to be wary of Liberals who often sound reasonable but turn out to be busy bodying fidgety socialists when you scratch them. However , you have to hand it to Vince Cable who has been laying into the newly christened Mr. Bean with terrific verve and élan. I am find increasingly difficult to dislike him when I discover that he shares my guilty obsession with “Strictly Come Dancing” According to Hugh Muir ( Guardian) he skipped a tedious Liberal chat about Party Administration to attend the Christmas edition of strictly . Well you would .
The chance to see a national institution , I mean of course Sir Bruce Forsyth..( well he should be Sir) , enjoy his last gallop. The chance to see the colour and movement , the magnificent live orchestra, with just a suggestion of the Music Hall in the great tradition. The chance to see..........Aleesha............mmmmmmmmm . I would kiss her on a first date , I would you know

For You Tommy , Ze Education Iz Over

Continuing the education theme , its is hard to listen to the platitudes coming from the mouth of Balls when we know the raised leaving age is to artificially get the NEETs numbers down, as well as crime . It is no coincidence that policemen are going to be permanently stationed at these schools, in towers I should think . I know from friends what the state of discipline at some inner city Comprehensives and the though of the men they propose to intern for two years and what they will do fills me with dread. It is akin to a social concerntration camp , literally concerntrating all your problems in one building .

I can see the good side of it though . My wife who had a typical Bermondsey childhood said it would have helped her and things don`t look so bad from inside . But once again ill thought out and the sort of plan only those who attended posh schools could come up with. as it stands.

At the other end of the scale Lisa Harker in the Guardian suggests convincingly that the school entering age should be raised. I have a lot of time for this in theory , internationally there is evidence that the higher entering age not only helps the child’s learning but would also lessen the great disadvantage that Summer children have .Fins and S Korean Children start at six and seven respectively France Germany Spain Canada and the US, Denmark and Sweden all have higher entering ages and seem to do well at it .

Is this really a mystery though?. The reason that children appear to do better is because they are taught at home in a play /learning one on one nurturing environment. AKA their mum. Well when you put it like that they would do better wouldn’t they. We will not be having this in this country though as you now need two incomes for a house and the five year stretch is already beyond snapping point . I know I am in that one income poverty trap now . This problem is really what is driving earlier and earlier state care provision , ‘Sure start’ , now two year old`s at free nursery and then starting school for the most part at four years old . What we have is a crèche that I evolves into a prison for young offenders . What we used to have was a family and parents. They call that progress you know

So take a step back and it is the desperate financial pressure on families that mean they cannot give their children the early nurturing start they need .For this reason many of them have to be locked up in policed “schools” where they terrorise the real sixth formers .

The indigenous English birth rate has slightly increased to 1.7 but is still far below the immigrant birth rate of 2.7 overall with some groups like Pakistanis at 5. A survey came out yesterday showing that most people are made miserable by having the few children they do have . This is undoubtedly the pressure of over -population on services , housing and money. So again we come to the problem at the heart of every problem , too many people, the unique housing problems in this country , high taxes on families and the attempt of the state to take over from parents .There is not a quick solution but we are moving in the wrong direction on almost every front

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Turn Over Your Papers

1 Emily Thorn berry , Dianne Abbot and of course nuclear powered, coach built ,silk lined velour upholstered hypocrite ,Ruth Kelly got their kids out of what

A Burning building
B State Education

2 Funds thrown at education in the last ten eyars
A £400million
B £400 billion

3 What proportion of teachers have been attacked at school.
A 20% B50%

4 Children will be obliged to declare their parents degree applying for university

5 The share of working-class children attending University is lower than in the 60s

6 Proportion of Parents backing selection at 11 A 92% B 61%

7 Proportion of exams taken in Independent schools were awarded 'A' s an A 23.3% B50.8 %

8 Proportion of exams taken at Comprehensive awarded 'A's
A50.8% B15.3 %

9-1 in 5 Teenagers are unable to point to Britain on a map

Maths Labour style .
10-No1 Educational priority for labour too simplify the system whereby selective status can be challenged ( as it embarrasses the Conservatives ) guess how many occasions in the past decade there have been when parents have tried to challenge selective status … A 36 B 1

11-Teenagers read so badly they are now unable to use a Karoake machine , they have had to dumb down the lyrics. TRUE/ FALSE

12 Compose A Long and Tedious Grumble About The Failure of New Labour`s Educational Policies

On Sunday I watched the rather creepy Mr. Balls adopting the classic apologists opening on education.” Things have got a lot better but we have to do better still”. It is the sort of smarm that leaves you speechless and a necessary lie for the Brown interregnum because he was there. They cannot admit that they have been wrong for years . The gross facts are these . Three quarters of children from low income families in England and Wales failed to get five good passes at grade A in 2005 and 980,000 are in failing schools by the Governments admission and they are probably lying . David Cameron lanced the boil of fake statistics when he pointed out English and Maths were declining amongst the snow storm of useless and stupid subjects . Since then this has become to key marker amd lately there has been a lot of evidence that our international position is sliding sharply

.When we read that parents are asked to produce six forms of identification to prove they are in the catchment area they claim, we know something has gone badly wrong. . 16 London Boroughs have caught people , but then if you are the Blairs you simply get a Mr. Robinson to buy a flat in the right road and you are sorted . By this and sundry other devices the middle classes have colonised the best schools now far more privileged than Grammars .

Not that it is easy to tell if the school is any good or not . A levels have slipped into utter disrepair I lose track a bit but they were going to have an A * back in Blair`s days I remember Johnson announcing it . funding for schools to offer a Baccalaureate . Why not just stop lying about exam results ? The study of modern languages has disappeared. You see its difficult to claim you speak German when you palpably cannot . Beauty therapy , oh well we have oodles of proficient little girls in that rigorous discipline .Nearly 75 % of all pupils at state schools have dropped all languages by 15.

Education attainment and its measurement is like walking into a hall of distorting mirrors . It is said by some that Faith schools , for example do no better than others when you take their intake into account . How could you possibly measure such a thing ? These statements are trotted out on the basis of vapid assertions and self sustaining methodology. Polly Toynbee`s classic tactic is to appear to be referring to neutral research when she is referring to politically motivated number adverts which academia churns out to order. .I read in New Statesman that it was proven that grammar schools did not do particularly well if you discount for their intake.. Really ,what we know in the real world is that in N Ireland where the system has until recently remained, results are about 10 %better across the board . The point is that those not attending the Grammar benefit . What is the excuse now ?

“Well you see N Ireland has a cohesive and structured faith based society. “
“ So that improves results does it ?
“ Aha ha ha I didn’t say that now did I ….”

I was recently told off for using anecdotal information. I think as a Conservative you will tend to trust you own eyes before somebodies statistical white Rabbit .Sir John Bourne took a minute from lunching the tell the Home Office that all its measurements were so unrealisable as to be useless for prediction. We see government tables with superb schools languishing at the bottom of the table because of social intake discounts and we must again wonder if there is any science in it at all.
The Public seems to agree with 76% wanting a return to more rigorous streaming . Psssst Blair agreed hence the idea of getting religious groups to run academies ….sadly Brown has brought then back under the Council.( A little noticed but dramatic shift to the left).

13 Compose A Trite and Self Satisfied Cure All In The Manner Of A Taxi Driver

1 Allow Teachers to exclude Pupils quickly and easily . Make them legally strong and pupils weak
2 School Uniforms strictly adhered to
3 Schools rules strictly adhered to and the evolution of traditions. Brutal discipline if necessary
4 Setting in schools and a top stream , a Grammar stream.
5 Reset O and A levels back to meaningful; difficulty don`t ditch them they worked and have one national standard. Appoint a body to maintain that standard and ditch al other measures.
6 Pay teachers in difficult subjects more ( The NUT are against idea of course), also make it easier to fire failing teachers of which there are many
7 Reintroduce school sport and make it inclusive but competitive as in the class competitions we had
8 Abandon many of the foolish ~”personal teaching “ideas on the teaching colleges .
9 Defeat the teaching Unions
10 Remove charitable status from Public schools and oblige then to teach the national syllabus which will be exactly the same as everyone else and vastly simplified for all
11 Introduce vouchers and allow a wide variety of bodies to start schools in competition with the state

14 Have a dig at Progressives

Some of this may well be be Conservative Party Policy and certainly many parents would be relieved.Andy Warhol had a gorgeous collection of renaissance classics in his New York flat, well he had to live with them didn`t he I wonder how many progressives would , like Ruth Kelly , send their child to a newmania model school if no-one was looking and they thought sheer social privilege wasn’t going to be enough.



Answers are all B and TRUE , of course

Read Them and Weep

Since 97 taxes have risen by nearly £10,000 per family in cash terms ( see HM treasury Public Finances databank )Weekly disposable incomes fell in 2005-6 and have grown by an average of only £2.15 a year a staggering achievement .( ONS 05/06) The length of the Yellow tax Handbook has doubled to 9000 pages and the British Chamber of Commerce say the cost of additional labour regulation has topped £50 billion. In 97 we were the 9th lowest taxed in the OECD now we are the 14th./ Stamp duty has quadrupled to over £10 billion( HM Treasury Budget 1998). Over 60,000 occupational pension schemes have been wound up( Hansard6.2.06) Frank Field said "5/6 of final salary schemes that have closed have done so since 2000 . In other words they have closed under our watch“. Britain has dropped from fourth to tenth in the international competitiveness league ( Global Competitiveness report 06/07) and productivity growth slumped from 2.6% per year (92-7)to 22.1% peryear(97-2001)

Meanwhile …
The tax payer is now bankrolling 3259 press officers across Whitehall and its quangos ( Hansard 6.7.06),)In 2005/6 £2.7 billion was lost to benefit fraud and error. Neither has social justice been served The difference between the life expectancy of the richest and poorest is greater than at any time since Queen Victoria( BMJ 30.4.05)The gap between mortality rates between professional and unskilled men is to and half times greater today than in 1930( Tackling health Inequalities Dept of health 11.8.07)

In an unprecedented period of prosperity Labour have failed the nation on a cataclysmic scale . In the past their errors were quickly found but early caution and global conditions have hidden it .With brown in the Indians have got hold of the whiskey and they simply must be rounded up and sent to their teepees before it gest even worse

If I was not hard as nails I would indeed weep hot salty tears ,( but I am)

Been Chatting

The Tories stand for arrogance and idleness - what else explains a £2m IHT threshold (OK £1m if you're thick)? Tory kids will be able to retire nice and young and waste their days in inane pursuits such as reading your drivel.

The Labour Part is the one which pays people for idleness. Incapacity benefit is well known to be a sick note culture, as even so colossal a prat as Peter Hain admitted . The whole point is to encourage working, which the Labour Party has not by taxing at extreme marginal rates..
On IHT , taken in isolation you views would make some sense but the history of IHT and the tax environment ,pensions , and so on make it a different issue. The Public sector who vote Labour retire five years earlier with gold plated pensions which are a liability of about £40,000 per household . THGos efunding them often have none themelves . 4000 ex civil servants have £1millionm pension pots .Ordinary working families work forever to maintain Labour’s slums

the Englaish are demonstrably more tolerant than the competing cultures"

Since when? During the 1000 year story you are so obsessed with, where is your evidence of that?Tell it to the European cities and tourist resorts are lovely youths delight in trashing, and wallowing in greasy "full" breakfasts.
THe Dam Busters theme, anyone? Lovely.

Inventing Parliamentary Democracy
Inventing Unions
First Industrialised Country
Inventor of capitalism, modern Insurance especially
Philosophical heart of the enlightenment
Inventor of football, rugby etc.
Leading light in Women’s emancipation
Protection of children
Invention of modern science and the scientific method
Universal suffrage
Birthplace of the world`s greatest writer and the world’s leading language
Resisted Napoleon, Philip of Spain and (since you mention Damn busters) Hitler
Home of Common Law and principles of jurisprudence admired and copied the world over
Banned Slavery .( Muslims are still enslaving black Africans to this day)
Sorry about the greasy spoon but the “English Breakfast “ is an internationally loved repast, in fact one of our few food exports.

It is a measure of the backwardness of the Muslim world that the Jewish world with a population of 12 million has won 163 Nobel prizes, 151 of them in science, while the Muslim world has produced only two Nobel laureates in science.
You have to go back to the dark ages and that myth has been exploded onn many occasions what did the Muslims bring to the Party then ...remind me ?

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Lure Of Mucking About

I have just spent about an hour and a half mucking around with the title which I still can`t get right . Others appear a tad more savvy than me at this mularky and its too big. Still thats it , had enough now it is staying there. What a pathetic waste of time.span

One Large Donor Please.....

This information is taken from the Electoral Commission website and shows the sum total of donations of some key people between January 2001 and late 2007 , I stole it from super Tony Sharp . I do have slight nervousness about the reticence of Lord Ashcroft on his tax status but then he has a clean bill of health and thems the rules.In terms of large donors we can see the Labour Party are vastly more indebted to Supermarkets , Private Equity , Mr.Mittall,shadowy Muslims and of course,the Unions


Bearwood (Lord Ashcroft's UK based company) - £ 2,585,931.31
Types of donations:
Cash (146 donations) totalling: £ 1,297,365.69
Non cash (16 donations) totalling: £ 1,288,565.62

Lord Ashcroft (personal donations) - £ 111,726.09
Types of donations:
Cash (3 donations) totalling: £ 36,996.09
Non cash (5 donations) totalling: £ 74,730.00

Midlands Industrial Council - £ 1,430,470.23 (membership declared transparently)
Types of donations:
Cash (58 donations) totalling: £ 1,417,570.23
Non cash (2 donations) totalling: £ 12,900.00

Individual Donations (over £250,000) - £ 25,006,311.91
(excluding Public Funds)
Types of donations:
Cash (34 donations) totalling: £ 24,581,352.91
Non cash (1 donations) totalling: £ 424,959.00

Total -
Cash - £ 27,758,243.92 Non cash - £ 1,801,154.62



Lord Sainsbury - £ 8,516,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (8 donations) totalling: £ 8,516,000.00

Lakshmi Mittal - £ 4,125,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (3 donations) totalling: £ 4,125,000.00

Lord Drayson - £ 1,105,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (4 donations) totalling: £ 1,105,000.00

Sir Ronnie Cohen - £ 1,800,000.00
Types of donations:
Cash (8 donations) totalling: £ 1,800,000.00

Muslim Friends of Labour - £ 330,950.00 (members not declared)
Types of donations:
Cash (12 donations) totalling: £ 330,950.00

Individual Donations (over £250,000) - £ 47,289,543.50
(excluding Public Funds) (mainly from unions)
Types of donations:
Cash (97 donations) totalling: £ 47,289,543.50

Total - (exluding more than £ 600,000 from David Abrahams of course...)
Cash - £ 63,166,493.50 Non cash - £ 0

** Please note these are not exhaustive details of all donors, which would be far too long to post here - these are just illustrative and comparative examples.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mathew`s Passion

What Did They Do In Gomorrah ?

Mathew Parris disapproves of proposed “ Hatred On The Grounds Of Sexual Orientation” legislation ,in the Speccie Finding a formula which allowed Jacobean hot poker scenes whilst prescribing rap`s batty boy baiting will be impossible . With,“ High thresholds for prosecutions “ ,it is clearly only there to “send a message “.“Sending a message “is an inappropriate use of the statute book ,to put it mildly.The mind wanders into deliciously absurd actions . The bible , for example , is fairly unpleasant about Sodom and if anyone knows what they did in Gomorrah it was not very nice about their bizarre and mysterious habits either. 2000 years of incitement ?.I like Saintly Matthew’s conclusion.
“ I hate homophobia and I have no doubt that it is stupid and wrong . I feel the same about racism, and about the demeaning of the disabled or women. My mind is made up and my opposition ferocious. Yet in no way would this incline me to legislate .”

Its A Farce That Charlie`s Aunt

The attempts of the PC constituency to reduce our courts to a farce is superfluous . We have enough comedy.I was watching 100 great stand-ups yesterday and there was fascinating interplay of class tension between the alternative or modern comedians and the working class crafts men. Chubby Brown, Manning , of course and in the US Dice Man sat uncomfortably with Perrier award winners .Peter Kay and Jimmy Carr are both reconnecting intelligent comedy with anarchic amorality but I still enjoy the politically correct Eddie Izzard on the Empire as the “Cunning use of flags “

“ I pronounce this continent British “
“ Hey hang on we`ve all been here for ages there are load of us ..”
“ Do you have a flag ?….”
“ Well no not exactly …”
“ Then it is all now ours … ha ha

The EU Flag is not dissimilarly ridiculous.

My Name Is Newmania And I Laughed At Jim Davidson

Primitive tribes often have formal sort of humour consisting of elegantly avoiding the taboo word . There is an example where “ Bees “ are the unmentionable creatures “Those little buzzing creatures , I would not hint at their yellow and black stripes … oh no not I” would be the Oscar Wilde of the tribe .Why do we have this desire to say the unsayable , I wonder if it has a balancing function.I could not watch him for long but the bit that I laughed at most, was this from Jim Davidson …pure succinct tabboo breaking …

“ You would not believe what I get paid for doing this , its ridiculous , makes you think , there are people in Africa that could live half a life on what I make tonight ……
( Turns into profile and inhales deeply and thoughtfully on a fag…… quickly turns head surreptitiously to face the audience )
“Fuck ` em”

Add an old pros timing though and it still works . .Iain dale and David Cameron found out in Rwanda,you can go a bit too far and then they start laughing.As Johnson said "That's cant, Sir. ..: publick affairs vex no man.".True enough.

A lot of the more aggressive humour around is reacting to being pushed too far but before you know it jokes petrify into attitudes and the tolerance we prize is injured.So stop sending stupid messages with the law and start using it to send criminals into unpleasant prisons for a long time.Thats my message

A Shiver With No Spine

More disturbing signs of the mental breakdown of Gordon Brown. I have previously reported rumours of anti-depressants he has been taking and Peter Oborne, a trustworthy journalist, hinted at a physical abuse of the secretarial staff at No. 10 . He apparently flung a girl , in a rage , from her seat to use the keyboard.There is obviously a source form within who has been distressed . Today we read that he reduced a grown man to tears . That is Spencer Livermore the mis-director of political strategy at No. 10 . I have to wonder quite how difficult that would be .The dopey looking 32 year old Labour maggot has little to fall back on but the life of a ligger. Nonetheless a pattern is emerging ,of a piece with his bizarre physical betrayals at question time.
.Peter Watts has allowed it to be known that he was not impressed with Brown scuttling away from the funding scandal like a rat .It was after all , for him , that the money was collected .
Meanwhile Bonkers Broon says , or rather his dead eyed acolytes say for him ,‘This government will be judged on its record .’ Well ,he has increased revenue to the exchequer by £250 billion every year and yet miraculously managed to acquire very little . The Health budget has doubled to no good effect and education ,despite a Niagra of funds ,is actually getting worse. I seriously begin to wonder if Mc Bean has lost his grip entirely

There is a rather ripping story in the Hornblower oeuvre when the ship is in the command of Captain who has gone mad. Below decks the officers cannot believe what they are seeing . Many are opposed by instinct to mutiny that most dreadful of naval sins .Others fear the consequences In the end the behaviour of the foaming Captain , his cruelty and delusion provoke a series of ill lit furtive meetings, in whispers they plot, and finally the Captain is taken prisoner. Then the awful question…now what ?

No doubt such meetings are taking place and the air is thick with rumours but , as Harold Wilson put it it’s a “ Shiver with no spine to run down” . Where is the alternative . Milliband is not ready and Balls is seen as the Brown poodle . Alan Johnson pronounced himself too stupid to run on Desert island Disks . A party that endured Michael Foot for three years and Neal Kinnock for nine is unlikely to find the cojones to act decisively. The truth is they have the leader they deserve . The guts left the Labour Party at Blackpool , now they are left with screaming bitchy courtiers .who dominate the Harem but are little use otherwise.

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