Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Death Of The Nation

... for I will into the vale of Avilion to heal me of my grievous wound: and if thou hear never more of me, pray for my soul."
( Arthur`s Last words )

Today is actually it isn`t it? Might be a bit of yap in the HOP but basically we are now a part of the United States of Europe and nothing is going to change that.
Denied referendum despite 8 out of 10 wanting one ,lied to about the Constitution at the Election ,the EC to set Welfare handouts,foreign Police to arrest UK citizens in Britain,the EU to dictate new shop floor rules ,a new directly elected EU president, an EU Foreign Minister, a ratchet within the Constitution for “Ever Close Union” without further consultation and if that wasn`t enough....
A European Anthem to be shoe-horned into the treaty which will be to the tune of ‘Ode To Joy’

Ode To A Traitor
My suggested Lyrics are under comments as I though they detracted from the funereal atmophere

PS Thanks TO Cassilis For the excellent new look. No more fiddling."What Never?".. " Well hardly ever"


Newmania said...

They don’t know what’s good for them the stupid masses must be lead
Told them that we were a Common Market , then we forged ahead
Sneaking twisting keeping secret , making almost all their laws
But we let the National Parliament seem to take the applause

Incrementally ,a tape worm slid into the nation state
For a single market to be perfect we must legislate
Local customs , national borders swept away with mighty pen
When we ask them and they get it wrong , we simply ask again

Ever closer is the motto , this was what we always planned
So what if we fill the place with Poles it isn’t British land
Now its German French and Spanish , now your flag will be our stars
Say goodbye to Nationhood , what once was your is now all ours

Anonymous said...

Egad, I thought you were dead.

I see the new blog name. What are you "in lewes" of?

PS Say hi to Guido if you see him Friday.

Newmania said...

I am niot invited to the Friday thing R I am going to the vbastly more prestigeous Thursday thing

Nick Drew said...


bring copies we shall sing it out loud tonite

until the Thought Police come for us

Anonymous said...

Well said, n - except for your "nothing is going to change that".

Nothing is forever, as that - to break the habit of lifetime in these extraordinary circumstances -, lunatic, BASTARD and traitor, Brown will find out.

Auntie Flo' - angry and in mourning for England.

Old BE said...

I think this Treaty is the beginning of the end - of the EU itself.

Brown doesn't even have the Balls to go and sign it in public. Shameful. Who voted for him?

Newmania said... are such an inspiration !!

Newmania said...

Ed , thats a fascinating thought and I would love to have the time to develop it. I`m reading a coupel of books on the subject now and I can see excatly what you mean

Philipa said...

Crikey you're getting posh, I'll have to dress before logging on in future.

Happy Xmas Y'all :-)

or should that be Y'ule :-))

Newmania said...

Cassilis did it for me brilliant isn`t it

Anonymous said...

He came from EU he'd a thirst for knowledge,
He studied Marx at Saint Martin's College,
that's where I,
caught his eye.
He told me he thought England was loaded,
I said "You're wrong so I'll have a rum and coca-cola."
She said "Fine."
and in thirty seconds time he said,

Want us to be in the Common Market,
Want us to do whatever Common Markets do,
Want us to sleep in the Common Market,
I want to sleep with common people,
like you.

But I said

I come from England, that's why I'm different
I studied English history and English literature
that's how and why,
I became 'I'
I told him that I'm an island dweller
Beneath a individualistically interstellar
And in thirty seconds time, he wanted us to screw

But I said

Don't want to be in your Common Market
Don't want to do whatever Common Markets do
Don't want to sleep in the Common Market
Or sleep with common market people
Like you.

I pretended England has no more money,
he just laughed and said,
Oh you're so funny.
I said yeah?
Well I can't see anyone else smiling in here.

We'll never live like Common Market people,
We'll never do what Common Market people do,
We'll never fail like the Common Market,
Or sit and watch our freedom slide out of view,
Or screw with you,
So go screw
Somebody new.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

By the way, n, if you register on here:

British Democracy Forum

Post on a topic so I can identify you and let me know which it is one on here, then you'll have an email address for me

Auntie Flo'

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