Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Been Chatting

The Tories stand for arrogance and idleness - what else explains a £2m IHT threshold (OK £1m if you're thick)? Tory kids will be able to retire nice and young and waste their days in inane pursuits such as reading your drivel.

The Labour Part is the one which pays people for idleness. Incapacity benefit is well known to be a sick note culture, as even so colossal a prat as Peter Hain admitted . The whole point is to encourage working, which the Labour Party has not by taxing at extreme marginal rates..
On IHT , taken in isolation you views would make some sense but the history of IHT and the tax environment ,pensions , and so on make it a different issue. The Public sector who vote Labour retire five years earlier with gold plated pensions which are a liability of about £40,000 per household . THGos efunding them often have none themelves . 4000 ex civil servants have £1millionm pension pots .Ordinary working families work forever to maintain Labour’s slums

the Englaish are demonstrably more tolerant than the competing cultures"

Since when? During the 1000 year story you are so obsessed with, where is your evidence of that?Tell it to the European cities and tourist resorts are lovely youths delight in trashing, and wallowing in greasy "full" breakfasts.
THe Dam Busters theme, anyone? Lovely.

Inventing Parliamentary Democracy
Inventing Unions
First Industrialised Country
Inventor of capitalism, modern Insurance especially
Philosophical heart of the enlightenment
Inventor of football, rugby etc.
Leading light in Women’s emancipation
Protection of children
Invention of modern science and the scientific method
Universal suffrage
Birthplace of the world`s greatest writer and the world’s leading language
Resisted Napoleon, Philip of Spain and (since you mention Damn busters) Hitler
Home of Common Law and principles of jurisprudence admired and copied the world over
Banned Slavery .( Muslims are still enslaving black Africans to this day)
Sorry about the greasy spoon but the “English Breakfast “ is an internationally loved repast, in fact one of our few food exports.

It is a measure of the backwardness of the Muslim world that the Jewish world with a population of 12 million has won 163 Nobel prizes, 151 of them in science, while the Muslim world has produced only two Nobel laureates in science.
You have to go back to the dark ages and that myth has been exploded onn many occasions http://mwillett.org/atheism/islamicgoldenage.htm

....now what did the Muslims bring to the Party then ...remind me ?


Philipa said...

You bang on about this N: Incapacity benefit is well known to be a sick note culture, but do you understand the process? Have you been through it? What proportion of people on incapacity benefit shouldn't be on it? Or is it that a few well publicised cases have provided fodder for much table banging instead of a fairer, calmer and more realistic approach?

But hey it's your blog, you bang the table as hard as you want. Just remember I had to lose incapacity benefit because I was in hospital and couldn't attend the meeting.

Newmania said...

Well P I think estimates vary from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 on how many people should not be on it . Don`t tale my word for it , see Peter Hain in New Statesman that well know ultra left bleeding heart.

I find it a little hard to belive you lose incapacity benefit for being in hospital ? Huh ?

Anonymous said...

My theory about why the Jewish world has produced so many great thinkers in comparison to the Muslim world is that it perhaps can be attributed to their forced migrations.

The obvious Jewish emphasis on education doesn't work for me because there could be said to be regressive elements in Jewish ed.

The key factor is all of these migrations which so often place the Jews inthe position of cultural and scientific paradigmic outsiders.

Jewish people therefore benefit not just from their willingness to assimilate one or more new cultures, but also from their critical position on the outside of these mainstream cultures, which so often, I believe, provides the catalyst for their unique critical insights.

When you consider just how many of the world's greatest achievers and thinkers have been cultural outsiders - from Moses to Atilla the Hun, Einstein, Freud, Marx, Von whatsisname, even footie's Jose, there has to be something in this.

Croydonian said...

Nozick (qv) suggests that Jewish intellectual prowess stems from an invisible hand process. Rabbis - the most educated people in any Jewish community prior to the modern era - were encouraged to be fruitful and multiply, thus many children would be raised in bookish, so to speak, households. Contrast that with the repercussions of a celibate Catholic priesthood.

Newmania said...

Anon , I do know what you mean about outsiders .The Irish in English Literature for example , you can`t entirely discount the education thing though can you ?

Good theory, something remarkable about them isn1t ther when you look at it all together

Philipa said...

Well yes honey that was my point - that there ARE people who deserve this benefit but I'm not necesarily disagreeing that the system of getting it could be better. I definately agree that there are faults with the system. But that doesn't mean I think we should, as a society, stop caring for those in real and genuine need. My example was that last year (and you know this is true) I had surgery and was rushed in twice afterwards. One of those occasions coincided with an annual review of my incapacity benefit and I lost it. Of course I could re-apply but.... I was too ill. My hospital visits are verifiable and documented yet I still lost it. Huh? Exactly.

Surely there could be some cross checking with the tax system and the benefit system to ensure those in reciept of benefits aren't working. But that is beyond the wit and expertise of both depts. Cross checking such a huge amount of data would require a huge database system and lots of processing power and faults could be very difficult for innocent victims of computer error. As we know computer errors occur, more so with central government than any other business. Which is one of the reasons why I disagree with ID cards.

Newmania said...

stop caring for those in real and genuine need.

I would not suggest such a thing .I for exmaple need a new car

Anonymous said...

This is about Islam, and about the Dam Busters.

As to Islam, the following necessary discussion need to be had. It will be had, whether we like it or not, and perhaps not by us but by some much more important people than us, and I hope not too late.

Islam is one of the following;


(1) A religion, focussed on the One true God, suddenly and marvellously revealed to an oldish chap in AD 632 in Saudi Arabia;

(2) A pre-capitalist survival-guide for the warrior-friends and relations of a chap in Saudi Arabia in AD 632, who had an eye for the main-chance (that is to say, living off the fat of ancient Jewish and pre-Crusader Christian kingdoms (ahich all pre-dated him and his visions) in what is now Saudi Arabia and nearby;

(3) A rehash of (some) pre-existing Judeo-Christian doctrine added to a marvellous (and with one mighty bound she was free) revelation of God-stuff together with a survival-guide for his friends, done by an oldish chap in Saudi Arabia in AD 632.

As to the Dam Busters, I and some boys of my age, at our school in the 1960s, had the good fortune to be taught A-level and S-level physics by a certain Dr B N Wallis, who, we found out, had been responsible for the rotating mine that was used on the eponymous raid. We all knew that anyway for these things were widely celebrated in the 1960s in England. He was a fine and fun teacher and we loved him. We didn't end up knowing much about the A-level syllabus (I did get a "B"+2 in the end though) but we sure as hell knew shitloads about physics, science, cosmology, war and human philosophy. He did this in his retirement coz' he was bored.

I have intelligent students who have never heard of the Dam Busters. It is sad but I try to remedy the defect, and they are amazed.

Newmania said...

Thats brilliant DD thanks for that really terrific stuff...

Newmania said...

Brilliant stuff DD thanks so much for that. ....There used to be so many quiet old chaps one later discovered to have done the most blood curdling things. It always struck me a strange

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