Friday, April 27, 2007

Snoop Elsewhere Mate

Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews explains why Snoop Doggy Dogg was refused an entry visa

“He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country “

Adolf Hitler Was Right.... (see context )

. Having recently been misrepresented ,by being quoted selectively and out of context I see the problem for the theatre goer when words are twisted for advertising purposes. For example,” This Play is a great one to avoid “…becomes “ This” . Did it require prescriptive EU legislation , ie a foreign diktat , to stop this chucklesome fibbery, no of course it did not . If anything I will miss guessing what the reviewer really said. It reminds me of the great lie of our contemporary politics about which Cassandrian Arthurian Legend can usually be heard howling.
The Full Quote
“ The country is governed by unelected unaccountable bureaucrats who hate us for the most part and who have widely diverging national interests and we are constantly lied to about the extent to which our democratic process has become a retained façade that classically British method of avoiding the truth”

Outside the Theatre

, “ The country is governed by…us..that classically British method “.

Of course this is ok because this is a really important big lie and therfore undetectable as Adolf puts it ..
“ since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths”

In Mein Kamf ,a silly tedious book full of semi digested cod science and miscellaneous nonsense ,the Big Lie section is the only good bit.The EU and its fellow travellers really do use this trick.

The title of this piece was taken from the following sentence that I have just written " Adolf Hitler was right about one thing and one thing only in his evil carreer of hatred and gangsterism, he described the use of propoganda with great accuracy ".

I wonder what that Mark Pack-aging will make of this with his selective contextual blindness

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Infamy Infamy..etc.

Oh my goodness I was just on the train coming home browsing through the Standard and what did I find but that I was in it on page 20. I cooly squawked " Jesus I`m in the Paper" . Its that stupid thing the Liberals dreamt up about " Road Kill and Newspaper ", which was actually a bit of banter directed at my chums. The Standard have promoted me to Councillor which was nice of them. Amazing isn`t it , and gives you a sort of worms eye view of how mud slinging works.

I think I am almost up with the Hitch for his Private Eye Coverage

Update: Tim Ireland kept the original posts and if you look the words " I must confess" make it entirely clear to whom I was reffering and in any case I immediately clarified.

Meral Ece said...
newmania says: "I noted yesterday that in Islington we have managed to contest every ward and maintain a presence despite only a slim chance of an success"- Not in my ward in Islington they didn't - Mildmay. The candidates screwed up their nomination papers.
Sorry to throw cold water etc.

April 11, 2007 5:44 PM
Newmania said...
Oh yes I forgot about that..still generally a good. I have to confess that the denizens of Mildmay are almost bestially stupid . There is not a lot you can do with them...they live from road kill and sleep under Newspaper.


UPDATE: Top Blogger Dizzy of Dizzy think s has taken a moment or two off from " Setting the agenda " To tell me my fame has spread to the Times Diary . I am but a scantily clad Fay Wray gripped in the vast hairy paw of the great ape of the Press...I squirm , I turn from its malodorous aphlatus but I am but a weak and helpless private individual.Help help help

And Finally....

'Thousands of rich women were conned by a firm into believing LAMBS were valuable miniature POODLES. Entire flocks were imported to Japan from the UK and Australia then sold by the internet company as the latest "must have" pet. The bizarre scam was rumbled when Japanese movie star Maiko Kawakami complained on a talk show that her new poodle refused to bark or eat dog food. She showed photos of the animal and was devastated when told that it was a lamb. Hundreds of women contacted police to say that they had also been sold lambs instead of pedigree pups by the tricksters based in Sapporo, Japan' - The Sun.

Nothing can be added to that really

By the way I `m off to a recording of Any Questions next week Frances Maude is on of the guests . Got any good ideas for questions ?

Sorry its all been a bit trivila today normal portentous pontifications will shortly resume never fear

Laugh in the face of death Ha Ha

News just out David Beckham is flying in especially to speak at Alan Balls Funeral
( Well ...he is a dead ball specialist)

OK I feel bad I loved Alan ball as a player at Arsenal and as an inspirational patriot. Anyway theres always hope

'A disabled man pronounced dead by medics in an Irish hospital was later found to be very much alive by staff from the morgue, the hospital said today. The patient, in his 30s, had been in the Mater Hospital, Dublin, for treatment on Easter Sunday when ward staff mistakenly certified his death. But by the time the error was spotted his family had already been informed and were grieving for their loss. It is understood that he has since been discharged from the hospital and has gone home'

- Press Association.

Punish Poor Service With These Handy Signs

There has been a fair bit of press about the casual rip offs that we learn to expect. Goods that that cannot be repaired like Irons or cars , absurdly inflated service charges , call out costs , punitive bank charges and a whole spectrum of petty dishonest trading practices particularly on the interweb. When you are next insulted short changed lied to and generally treated like vermin I suggest you print of one of these handy signs a stick it up prominently at the offending establishment . Take pictures and send to the Local Press.

There’s always something you can do . Do it

PS Do you know that Peter Stringfellow actually has sign outside his club saying No Fat Birds .He has refused to take it down.....shsould i laugh . No I don`t think so . I think he is a Prat actually.

We are all beautiful


Join the Resistance .In Cornwall they are up for it (see below) I `m up for it whose with me , who is going to join me in telling the damned state to stick their ban up their collective fundement. Look at the squirming Labour MPs pretending the end of Working Men`s Clubs and Bingo Halls is nothng to do with them , the end of centuries of convivial freedom and we roll over and let them do it. Follow the Cornish outwit the buggers if this legislation is as incompetent as the rest there ought to be a way.

em> A Cornish pub is aiming to become a tiny slice of Peru in a bid to beat July's smoking ban.Customers and staff of the Peruvian Arms public house in Penzance have appealed to the Peruvian ambassador, Ricardo Luna Mendoza, asking him to grant them special status so they can continue to light up after the ban comes into force in England.
"I met the Peruvian Ambassador in London when I was invited there for tea. He's a great bloke who will understand our predicament Manageress Debbie Trevithick.
According to, their letter says: "Due to our obvious connection with Peru, we wondered if you could grant us Peruvian status so we could continue smoking on the premises."In return you and your staff would always be made very welcome in The Peruvian Arms and of course it would give you a place in Penzance where you could smoke."

Good for you Debbie. Her customers want to smoke she wants then to smoke of what concern is this to the daamned state . NONE NONE NONE

Important Polling Results Analysed

Thank heavens for little girls they grow up in the most delightful way ………….. Out today the FHM Lads Mag hall of fame and top of the pops is my own personal swoon Jessica Alba. There are some odd ones though. Miss Watson may be a commendable Hermione but Puleeeeez. Joss Stone is at 38 which I don’t get and Lindsay Lohan is surely not of the quality we expect at No. 30. I have slight thing for Eva Longoria at No. 3 who is more my age. Solid talent provided by Eva Mendes ( yum yum) at No. 11 and Scarlet Johansson at 5. I have loved her since lost in translation which has a deft and nicely balanced performance of comic pathos from Bill Murray. Tell me FHM how the hell does Beyonce Knowles slip from 7 to 18 this year. I mean she is perfect what else could woman possibly have ?

Poor Miss Middleton at No. 25 I fear her Audi convertible is now a pumpkin and her serving men rats ..back to obscurity from whence she came although I rather liked her.

Lastly I am astonished that there is no mention of Ellee Phillipa or Lillith


Look what they`ve done to my pub ma

Had a fine evening last night in the company of major blogging star turns City Unslicker and Croydonian. Mr. Slicker had much of interest to say as did Mr. C as he always does . Humble Newmania sat quietly in the corner scarcely daring to contribute while these mountainous intellects dissected the world and its follies .
Whilst I was sitting in silent reverie something struck me . We were in the garden and it was getting nippy

Why was this you ask , surely you haven’t got that hysterical British wish to recreate the café society of the Southern Med in the exhaust fumes and bitter cold of Blighty have you , “ Oo Look we`re sitting outside syndrome “. No such silliness I assure you . It was the dreaded smoking ban . That hitherto blameless refuge form the damned state and its over bearing micro control “ The Glamorgan”, has jumped the gun and instituted its own smoking ban ,ahead of the governments busy bodying unwanted fascist prescription.

I detest beyond all reason that as an adult I cannot go to the pub and have a smoke . The pubs were ours not theirs we had pubs in Islington before we had the Council by a damned long way and it was in our fair Borough that Walter Raleigh first unveiled his Pipe and baccy. There is no end to the argument from personal safety and the risks from passive smoking are far less than those from passive drinking. Bar staff are not in a dangerous environment compared to most and there is no reason whatsoever for the Government to stick its snuffling snout in where it is decidedly not required. To those who say it is unhealthy and something had to be done I SAY THIS

William Pitt ` Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of Tyrants; it is the creed of slave`


Don`t Tell His Grace

I have been thinking about the Judeo Christian attitude to homosexuality and believe its time I seriously discussed the whole issue . I am not going to though I am going to giggle at these chaps making their own in depth analysis

All together now

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

They have everything for you men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys ...

It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.
It's fun to stay at the y-m-c-a.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BNP Broadcast Censored

BBC Wales has forced the British National party to change a party election broadcast to be shown tonight. The BBC confirmed its lawyers insisted the BNP make certain changes to their broadcast, but refused to discuss details. Unite Against Fascism urged the BBC to stop any broadcast going ahead. Theoretically they can only do so on the grounds that it is obscene or offensive but the phalanx of objectors are instructive as to the real problem.
North Wales police, Richard Brunstrom, who is described as the "most politically correct cop in the country". Has loudly complained and he has been under fire from the BNP Media unions not only approve but have called for a review of the policy to allow the far right party any platform at all. Gerry Morrissey, the Bectu general secretary, said:

'We congratulate the BBC in not broadcasting the racist diatribe originally proposed by the BNP, as the BNP is an affront to decent working class people.The current legislation which allows them to have broadcasting time via party political broadcast should be reviewed as it does little to encourage integration in our country."

The political views of the Unions and the politicised Police are of course irrelevant as are the state paid views of the BBC. More reasonably I just do not see the point of denying the BNP air time .Their Literature however is horrifying and the beliefs laughable . It’s a tough call , god knows I have never believed “ Freedom of speech “ was sacrosanct , but on balance I `d say the light of day and the ensuing derision is the best Policy. Its just possible that the nationalist working class will evolve new groupings to challenge Labour who have abandoned them . Can the BNP change into a Party reflecting most of its support ? Not sure, but I have a name.

They could call it NEW BNP

A PR Snake In The Garden

Trust in me, just in me
Shut your eyes and trust in me
You can sleep safe and sound
Knowing I am around

I am getting increasingly concerned about the way slithering PR firms are relating to politics .
On the own hand there is the growth of soft funding. This is when a Party is subject to rules but a separate body that is supportive of a given Party like Doughty Street can be financed without any limit
It is going to be exceedingly hard to control moneys swilling around this nebulous terrain .A recipe for graft and the PR companies are bound to use the loophole to please important contacts . George Walden noted they are all part of an elite nexus anyway that constitute the new Establishment. At local level the standards board would be having apoplexy.

PR and the Constitutional and societal debate of Politics are becoming confused . Focus group lead policy and even legislation have cursed the Blair years and the malign influence of a Hilton or Campbell is the Evil Grand Vizier to every handsome Prince .
If PR, marketing and their attendant evils of amoral follower-ship have seeped into the polity then I fear an equally grave problem is money that seeps out of the Public purse into the hands of the PR gurus . As before it is not quite straightforward sinecures but rather related income streams .

The NHS consultation "Your health, your care, your say" which closed in November 2005 had a total bill to the taxpayer of £1.39 million out of the department's running cost budget. £1.05 million of that went to Opinion Leader Research. That is the same Opinion Leader Research headed by long standing Labour Party consultant, member of the Smith Institute, and friend to Gordon Brown, Deborah Mattinson. She of the bogus pro Brown Surveys conducted with 100 people and placed in the Sun, Guardian and Newstatesman The NHS running cost budget is ultimately in the hands of the Treasury .Subtle
.Consider this new example . Mike Lee the PR director and special adviser to Lord Coe on the Olympic bid has picked up a sexy beast of a new contract to advise “ Visit Britain” formerly known as the Tourist Board on how to use the Games to attract Tourists ! Public money in other words is building Good will in PR companies (in the technical sense). They make their money elsewhere but rely on political contacts. Well if that’s stays straight it will be the first time ever.

Conservatives should retain untwisted knickers . The Local Standards Board has been a foolish costly disaster by outlawing employing anyone known to the Council who might be qualified to do the job. In defence of a malicious action in its Kangaroo Court lately cost Islington Tax Payers £300,000 and for what ? We accept I think that business works on contacts and that personal recommendation is a benign corruption with much in its favour.
We must on the other hand be wary of Public Money indirectly funding political campaigns and the insidious creep of aforementioned Followership and media before principle

More than ever we need good investigative Journalists to watch the money streams. In this complex new world some will certainly be flowing into the wrong bank account. Guidot is a hero but the dead tree press seem to have given up investigation. Lets not kill the PR snake ….but we had better tread carefully ….

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whacko ?

I see that at an educational conference family campaigner Lynette Burrows has called for the return of the cane saying that ….” The decision to abolish it 20 years ago has caused a culture of violence and anarchy. ..The 21 year experiment in state schools has failed and now its time to turn the clock back”

I`ve got a certain amount of sympathy for the frustration but I think there are a lot of things to try first like making teachers work for a living and improving the social mix all of which I have discussed at length in my long boring way.. So I am sitting on the fence so hard my bottom will soon be perforated. Pondering on the efficacy of applying thumb screws to teenagers I came across this example of a teacher getting it right back:

“A teacher in Chile who dared criticise the local mayor found himself forced to stare at a wall for a week in punishment. Patricio Gonzales was sacked from teaching by the mayor of La Cruz, Maite Larrondo, who then gave him a desk job in his office. Mr Gonzales said: 'When I asked what my job was going to be, they simply told me to stare at a wall.' The MPs of the city are now voting to try to remove the mayor from office. “

It isn`t easy being a teacher here , you are undermined at every turn and somehow we need to return authority to the classroom. It could be a lot worse though as we can see .

Kill Bill (-y Bragg)

I try not to read the Telegraph and then sound off a bit but today the vile squirming morally leprous person of William Bragg has been more than I can bear. His entire career has been one of posture and mummery and for the usual reasons. He is a professional Londoner (from Barking actually and not that badly off) and professionally working class( Never had a job in his life ). As his disappearingly small song writing and performing talent was never going to last more than for a month, he has augmented it by being a Dinky Toy lefty for the Press to play with. It’s the Cliff Richard`s trick except Cliff did Christians.

His earliest crime was to try and tame the gleeful amorality of Punk and cram bolshy right wingers like the nascent genius Paul Weller( boots not fit to lick ), into a PC straightjacket. The Jam were Conservative voters and their every instinct told them not to go along with the bourgeois left but their careers were in the hands of the brutally controlling media .They went native when they went up from Essex to London.

He turned Weller and got him involved in the shameful farce that was Red Wedge. Red Wedge included Weller and The Communards lead singer Jimmy Somerville, they put on concert tours and appeared in the media, adding their support to the Labour Party campaign. It was launched on November 21, 1985, at a reception at the Palace of Westminster hosted by Labour MP Robin Cook. It took its name from a 1919 poster by Russian constructivist artist El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge. Already you see Bragg presenting as rebellion what was invertebrate fawning before the arts and Liberal establishment and to the benefit of his own no hope career. An additional theme to note is the extreme pretension of the stupid name .

When it comes to stupid names the mother of them all must surely be Charter88. It was the British pressure group that advocated constitutional and electoral reform.It took its name from Charter 77 - the Czech dissident movement co-founded by Václav Havel and included Salman Rushdie and Pinter and various arts luvvies like Bragg who use to have a good old whine about their grants in Pubs around Islington Green .The real thing ( 77) was just a teeny bit more serious being an artist revolt against a brutal Communist regime. Several means of retaliation were used against the Czech signers, including dismissal from work, denial of educational opportunities for their children, suspension of drivers' licenses, forced exile, loss of citizenship, and detention, trial, and imprisonment. Many members were forced to collaborate with the communist secret service.
Consider the loathsome sense of self importance of Bragg and his preening pseudo rebels and the development of financial opportunities driven by profile raising left wingery continues.
Now he has become the Daily Telegraphs pet red , selling his disgusting gaudy baubles to any buyer as ever .He has consistently promoted the failed multicultural experiment and advocated a cod mystic working class solidarity even claiming lineage with working and and Mystic Genius William Blake as a fellow Londoner.

Dorset has a population of 407,217, plus 165,370 in Bournemouth and 137,562 in Poole (total 710,149 — mid-year estimates for 2006.91.3% of Dorset's population were born in England and 95.2% were born within the United Kingdom. 98.8% are indigenous, an extreme example of the disproportionately small ethnic minority population in rural areas.78% of the population are Christian, 13.7.

Some people see this as a betrayal but they have missed the entire point of his career which was to make a career out of the arts establishment and acquire the Dickensian reward of rural Middleclass safety. He has answered cries of hypocrite today and I am going in for a little light fisking work

“It is an evolution of the old chestnut from the 20th century , if you like Socialism so much why don1t you go and live in Russia !”
No it is not . The , Russia thing was as if to say look at what your beliefs will bring us . It was of course not literal and in any case was more usually expressed” Would you rather live in America or Russia ?”. The answer is obvious and the point is a good one despite decades of Intelligentsia soi disant mockery. To choose to physically distance yourself from the London you have left for others is quite a different matter.

“..I take as a sign that the contributor has nothing to say…”

Oh but he does. He is saying you are a fraud and the world you helped create you have your self escaped from because for you Politics is about show and image and not life. You are another Dianne Abbot whose sons are at Public school , an Emily Thornberry who finagled the system, to get her kids into a Potters Bar Grammar .She is the Labour Representative of Islington with its educational and social disasters created by her Policies.
You are a mendacious parasitical black-market plague rat for the Labour Party Billy Bragg .A licklespit and self dramatist who sickens me to the core .In all this time not a decent song had he written not one moment of musical joy has he contributed .

That is of course why he has had to sell out the working class for a nice Home in Dorset
...( what a James Blunt!)


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bovvered I am not

Fib Dums Ginga Jimmy Balls and Watt (do you do?)
Marvellous the Liberal lobotomy support Group have actually tried to scramble together a scandal about Moi. This appeared in the Tribune....oh I `m 43.

ISLINGTON Tory Paul Newman should have known that jokes on the internet can backfire.
Mr Newman, 42, maintains he was referring to his colleagues in Mildmay when he contributed what he thought was a witty riposte on a blog by national Tory pundit Iain Dale.
However, Islington Lib Dems seized on the comments.
Mr Newman, who works in insurance and is vice-chairman of Islington North Tories, wrote: “I have to confess that the denizens of Mildmay are almost bestially stupid. There is not a lot you can do with them… they live from roadkill and sleep under newspaper.”
He was, he says, referring not to the residents of the ward, but to his own political colleagues and their inability to deliver documents on time.
“I was having a laugh about my colleagues on a political website and the Lib Dems are trying to make something of it,” he said. “You would have thought they would have better things to do trying to run the council.”
Mildmay Lib Dem councillor Rhodri Jamieson-Ball took a different view. “It does not surprise me that the Tories haven’t got any councillors in Islington if they treat voters with this sort of contempt,” he said.
“The people of Mildmay are offended by these comments and I call on Mr Newman to apologise to them immediately, and, if he doesn’t, the national Conservative Party should discipline him.”
Councillor Lucy Watt, Lib Dem deputy leader of the council, added: “The Tory Party claim they are no longer the nasty party, but clearly nothing has changed. Senior members like Mr Newman are still making offensive remarks like this.
“The last time we heard from him he was arguing that Islington has too much council housing. Now he is insulting ordinary residents.”

AS Vice Chaiman naturally I owe it to my gold plated ocean going sense of dignity to respond. I started but went on a bit so this will not be going in. Still ..something nassty will be waiting for them

When odious Simon Hughes ran as the ,“Straight choice”, in a Bermondsey By-election beating gay hero Peter Tatchell I learnt a lesson . You can tell when a Liberal is lying because their lips are moving. I am therefore “shocked “only in the best Casablanca sense to find them foaming with faux moral outrage about my supposedly insulting description of Mildmay residents ,.Let me immediately say that I would be happy to clutch each and every Mildmay voter to my bosom in admiration and respect

The risibly trivial “Road -kill-gate “ affair’s genesis was on Iain Dales Blog the most celebrated Conservative web forum which I contribute to regularly So do friends of mine who were inadvertently responsible for the Conservative Party’s failure to field a candidate in the said ward. My remarks were unmistakably humorous and intended only to tease the Mildmay team in the knock about context they were made. I subsequently removed any scintilla of doubt on Mark Pack`s achingly tedious Liberal Blog on which he originally posted this dreary tittle tattle, prior to the Tribunes coverage .

I should demand that the Liberals offer a personal apology to me for their deceitful slurs on my reputation and by implication the Conservative Party in Islington. Actually ‘I am not bovvered ’, and rather I relish the prospect of continuing childishness. I suggest Ms. Watt sticks her tongue out at me when no-one is looking while Jameieson Balls flicks paper pellets at my ears . Both will be adding the lustre and dignity of the democratic process more than they usually do.
La Watt is correct about my views on excessive Council housing though.. With 50% of the Borough in Social housing and 70% of the inhabitants on benefits the social mix of Islington is dangerously skewed towards benefit dependency with its attendant evils of violent, crime drugs abuse , educational under achievement and family breakdown . With a shooting a week and some of the worst schools in the country it is no surprise that Emily Thorn berry ,Labour hypocrite of this Parish, agrees. She got her children into a nice school in Potters Bar .James Kempton also agrees having said that he “ Had no intention of letting Islington become 21st century slum”… under pressure fro Red Ken`s GLA. He has since rolled over like a soppy Spaniel and about 11000 more units are to be crammed into London’s most over crowded borough.
James Kempton told me at a meeting of the Islington Association that we needed to replace the stock lost to Leaseholders. Of course the whole point of right to buy was to encourage a greater proportion of ownership .This policy was working. Leaseholders have been a magnificent asset to the Borough and both of the real Political Parties are considering plans to return to the RTB agenda. Islington’s 11000 heroic leaseholders however ,are being treated shamefully. Already often suffering wicked levels of taxation they are being asked to pay Service Charges of up to £50,000 out of doctrinal spite. The good news is they will be given assistance in releasing equity . How kind , the mugger escorts you to the cash point to get the rest of your savings .
I have been working with Leaseholder representatives and next week we have a meeting with Michael Gove the Conservative shadow Housing minister. I do this for no reward of any kind but because I care about ordinary Islington people and try to help. With a family and clients to look after as well , it is staggering how little time one has for trawling other peoples net sites for anything to fatuously misrepresent in the Local Press.
No little Rhodri, I will not be disciplined . I believe and trust our beloved President Boris Johnson will find it in his heart to forgive any naivety I may have shown

All good fun . Any good example of Liberal lies. This could run and run ?

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