Thursday, April 26, 2007

Laugh in the face of death Ha Ha

News just out David Beckham is flying in especially to speak at Alan Balls Funeral
( Well ...he is a dead ball specialist)

OK I feel bad I loved Alan ball as a player at Arsenal and as an inspirational patriot. Anyway theres always hope

'A disabled man pronounced dead by medics in an Irish hospital was later found to be very much alive by staff from the morgue, the hospital said today. The patient, in his 30s, had been in the Mater Hospital, Dublin, for treatment on Easter Sunday when ward staff mistakenly certified his death. But by the time the error was spotted his family had already been informed and were grieving for their loss. It is understood that he has since been discharged from the hospital and has gone home'

- Press Association.


Anonymous said...

If that joke is yours, Mr Mania, then I congratulate you.

Did you see this quote from Wor Jackie?

"I find it very difficult to talk about Alan because I keep smiling and I don't want to smile"

That's the way to be remembered, eh?

Newmania said...

Niot mine Nick they always go round don1`t they Best Liver was the last one one remember. Oh god i `m on page 20 of the Standard this evening

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