Friday, April 27, 2007

Adolf Hitler Was Right.... (see context )

. Having recently been misrepresented ,by being quoted selectively and out of context I see the problem for the theatre goer when words are twisted for advertising purposes. For example,” This Play is a great one to avoid “…becomes “ This” . Did it require prescriptive EU legislation , ie a foreign diktat , to stop this chucklesome fibbery, no of course it did not . If anything I will miss guessing what the reviewer really said. It reminds me of the great lie of our contemporary politics about which Cassandrian Arthurian Legend can usually be heard howling.
The Full Quote
“ The country is governed by unelected unaccountable bureaucrats who hate us for the most part and who have widely diverging national interests and we are constantly lied to about the extent to which our democratic process has become a retained fa├žade that classically British method of avoiding the truth”

Outside the Theatre

, “ The country is governed by…us..that classically British method “.

Of course this is ok because this is a really important big lie and therfore undetectable as Adolf puts it ..
“ since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths”

In Mein Kamf ,a silly tedious book full of semi digested cod science and miscellaneous nonsense ,the Big Lie section is the only good bit.The EU and its fellow travellers really do use this trick.

The title of this piece was taken from the following sentence that I have just written " Adolf Hitler was right about one thing and one thing only in his evil carreer of hatred and gangsterism, he described the use of propoganda with great accuracy ".

I wonder what that Mark Pack-aging will make of this with his selective contextual blindness


Anonymous said...

Can't you do it back to them? I would the scummy scum bags deserve it.

hatfield girl said...

People who write books called
My Struggle are sad.

One day I am going to write a book, what it will be called I don't know yet, but I will write such things they shall scare me witless; or cheer me up no end. If only I can find out what I've decided was worth filing.

Electro-Kevin said...

Sex is always a good subject HG.

Newmania said...

Oh Kev just when HG was elevating the tone .

Nice to see you here HG I will try to come up with something that might interst you but thereis a lot of nonsense( I don`t have the time to think often)

Mind you EK is right

hatfield girl said...

Right EK; I'll ignore the files and start from scratch (so to speak).

Anonymous said...

a silly tedious book full of semi digested cod science and miscellaneous nonsense

Regardless of the author's later actions, your critique is too harsh. Mein Kampf is more consistent than Das Kapital or Atlas Shrugged. The autobiographical sections are somewhat tiresome(with the typical German lack of modesty of that era), but besides that, it's an above average political 'black book' - even if rising above average political 'black book' status isn't much of an achievement. If you think it is full of 'cod science'(the only 'scientific' parts are where he describes civilizational-cycles and how they relate to the then growing Bolshevism of Europe), do you think the same of Nietzsche or Spengler(who had the exact same theories)? Remember that i am not judging the 'morality' of it or bemoaning that National Socialism eventually morphed into Caesarism, but the accuracy for its time(and accuracy is almost always immoral).

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