Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chaucer Versus Socialism

Splitters , they have certain characteristics in common , they always believe that they are the holy chalice in which the soul of the mother party rests, and ,they are , to some extent, right.
If you wanted to know what a lot of Conservative activists would privately like , read what a member of UKIP publicly advocates as policy. Similarly, if you want to know what Labour activists really feel ,read the Socialist Worker .
Particularly on the left ,this is the case . UKIP has specific reasons for springing into existence but there is little need for the Socialist Worker Party other than to be Jiminy Cricket to Blair’s Pinocchio …( and yes I am rather pleased with that).
In a time when , for transparently opportunistic reasons, the Lying Scotsman is pretending to care about the Union, it is instructive to see how the Socialist Worker Party feels about the idea of national culture . Follow me , if you will through the looking glass to a topsy turvy land where Gordon Brown is considered too patriotic. It will surprise you not at all that the arena for their mighty Gladiators is “English Literature” and its study . I plucked this from a duffle coated Das Kapital clutching museum exhibit as he stomped of to protest. Or something…..

Its marvellous stuff .First of all how do we leap from political reality to the safe haven of the classroom..
“the kind of rhetoric Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are going in for is supported and sustained by conversations and study in the cultural sphere.”
Well quite, a sense of nation has been brutally imposed on an unwilling people by the iron fist of the NUT , I don`t think , but never mind let us probe a little more deeply.. Why is the teaching of English Literature such a dreadful imposition on the Socialist spirit, . There have been attempts , it appears ,to dilute this cultural poison
,“people will end up with something much less rigid with American, African, Caribbean or post-colonial literature being available. But “….. here`s the rub…,” there remains a problem – the narrative of a national English literature remains intact.”

Catastrophe !

This hysterically myopic piece stamps its foot because Derek Pearson has looked at the cannon of Eng Lit and attempted to find lines of continuity that might be termed an English Character. Naturally Duffle-coat`s first problem is the Power to the People classic . Why is it called English Literature when it includes Scots and Americans and Africans and so on ? Tricky isn`t it …the clue is in the language I feel ,and from then on we are into what used to be called Marxist criticism. This strange phenomena took various artefacts , textual or otherwise and squeezed them under a grubby plank of dogma extracting any political juice they might . The entire exercise is a little perverse but it really is worth it for the entertainment .
Poor Mr. Pearsall has evidently detected qualities such as “Irony , commonsense, geniality and morality.” ( I would add smut) He reckoned without Duffle coat who has noticed many of the characters are …not very nice . Also , and this is typical , there is no evidence that Chaucer was very nice. Poor old Duffle undoubtedly a professional Litter bug and yet he does jot understand the first thing about a work of fiction. It wouldn’t mater if Chaucer were the poisoner of Olde medieval London town. The tales are a construct. There is actually a character gentle Geoffrey who is equally a construct for the purposes of self deprecation and courtly grace notes . We spend lives interpreting the moral framework of the book but Socialist worker operate at this level.” If there is a baddy then the book is advocating badness. “Words do not fail me but I `m trying to crack on so insert sneers , to taste . He goes on to mention that the stories draw heavily on the French tradition and they do . They did not spring into being from a rock ,no . They are developments of what has gone before of course but Chaucer spoke Norman French as did his audience . The primary fact of the book is that he chose to use the previously despised English . Consider the famous lewd Millers tale in which parochialism is used for comic affect.
“ We have a small English University Town , where students lodge in the houses of the townspeople. The girl in question is no damsel but the young pretty discontented wife of an old carpenter…(carry on , you might say).. The cheeks kissed are famously not those of the face.”. The whole tale slyly undercuts the grand opening Knights tale which precedes it. When the story is introduced noone objects , none of the dignitaries but of course the querulous Reeve ,a carpenter ,does …and hence the merry badinage of competitive tale telling begins. “

Well nothing we recognise there then
Now I do not have the space to argue at length to what extent this can be put at the head of English Literature and to me it is so perverse to argue otherwise that it defeats the patience so lets hurry onto Duffle coat’s gripe .
In essence it is that by seeking a continuity between the great English Cannon you exclude new , perhaps immigrant, influence and in any case it is all a big con to fool us into rushing of and killing Muslims for the oil…….gulp.Lastly he bewails that labour have any truck with national culture at all when class should be the true loyalty da de da de dah.

Some another time I will bore you on the bright fresh spring of English writing and how it informs and criticises and “lives” most especially with the English . Today my point is this .Socialists hate this country, and any country . They hate its culture , they deny its culture has value, and they deny the “Dear people of this land “ as the Queen mum called us ,are more that the odds and sods who happen to be sitting here. Housing policy in London is in the hands of Ken Livingston , who might have written this tripe., Gordon Browns support is entirely composed of near relatives . This real poison is in the heart of government
What Brown and his followers think of this county and its proudest achievements is this .

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Questioning Climate Concensus

On the climate I have some questions.....

Thoughts in a Garden was written by Andrew Marvell who dies in 1678.

What a wondrous life is this I lead
Ripe apples drop about my head
The luscious clusters of the vine
About my mouth do crush their wine
The nectarines and curious peach
Into my hands themselves do reach
Stumbling on melons as I pass
Ensnared with Flowers I fall on grass

Judging by the Loire valley conditions evidently prevailing it would appear the world has got a lot colder. Then the questions keep coming …

Why are air taxes set at such a level as to not to make any change in behaviour?
Why at the same time are airports allowed to keep growing so that by 2030 the number of passengers will have risen from £228,000,000 to £465,000,000

Why are other emissions ignored although there supposed to be a 2.7 times as great affect from them (International Governmental Panel on Climate Change)

Why do we continue to subsidise air travel then?

In 1421 why was a Chinese naval squadron able to sail around the North Pole and find no ice?

Why has the Antarctic been gaining ice consistently over the past 30 years ?

6000 bore holes world wide show that temperatures were higher in the middle ages than now ,
why is this problem absent from UN assessments ?

Why is the fact that the doomsday predictions of climatologists are often disproved ignored. For example James Hansen in 1988told the US Congress in 1988 that the sea would rise several feet by 2000. It rose one inch ?

Why are questions of scale so childishly misrepresented by scare mongers who openly refer to the weather as the “climate”?

Why did Al Gore emote about the snows leaving Kilimanjaro when he knows there has been no rise in temperature and it is entirely the result of deforestation and consequent dehydration ? He is absolutely aware of this ;even if you are not .

Why are the most conspicuous consumers always the most self righteous . Prince Charles bought his “staff” bikes?
(He has asked for a Greener fleet of vehicles but will retain his Bentley , a Jaguar and an Aston Martin)

Why would the government rather monitor every car from the sky and feed that information into combined data bases than increase fuel tax ?

Why do people refer to a consensus on “climate change” when there is no such thing ?

Why , when the UK is respnsible for 2% of emmissions do we bother with domestic policy ?

How is Gordon Brown going to pay for his wastefulness.?

The Brown Maggot

Posted this on Croydonian ...well I like it anyway....................

Blair says his lines and smiles , and here ........... you touch on the problem facing the saintly David Cameron. I `m never quite sure if you are a Conservative or an anarchist but it has been worrying me that you, and you are not alone , so dislike David Cameron. I put this down to a violent dissatisfaction with both the main parties.While those who would vote UKIP are actively engaged in a game of cat and mouse , seeking to re-make a Conservative party they can join others , many more, have a visceral loathing of the options before them. I couldn’t care less about the disembodied ghost of Marxism but why are perfectly sensible people prepared to rush like lemmings into five more years of Socialism .
I think it stems from what a Conservative at heart really is

.A Conservative believes in people .. He believes that without the state twisting them into beggary and nihilism they are responsible , loyal and even heroic. He believes these good qualities are expressed in notions of duty , love of family and of country, by extension, as the emblem of the tribe. Within this frame work of free individuals tied by a thousand bonds of tradition and affection ,he naturally wishes to help the unfortunate . He will be sceptical of the new and modern but amenable to adjustment coming from experience not dogma. Naturally he will loathe all ideological claims to know an answer and most particularly when it stifles this natural good in people that he cannot forget.With his focus always on people he is reasonable , a trader before a warrior .Sometimes this can be misunderstood , because he distrusts dogma he is identified with the empirical , the pragmatic . From his honouring traditions comes the misconception he is stiff and disconnected. None of this is the truth . Everything springs from an innate delight in the possibilities of free men and women. A classicist thinks that people are buckets and that only by rigorous organisation can they be turned into something worthwhile . After its early mysticism statist socialist have become such an animal. A Conservative sees people as wells . Things of endless depth . He is in short a romantic.

I think it is the romantic that David Cameron offends . Conservatives have been out of power for along time and while they have been events have conspired to bring that romantic core to the surface . As the new Labour project drained of any vison it ever had we increasingly saw ourselves as chalices of truth. An embattled remainder …“free, and to none accountable, preferring hard liberty before the easy yoke of servile pomp."

.Blair claimed he saw a man by a Sierra and realised every thing the Labour party had stood for was wrong . An inauspicious start but it became worse. Born in opportunism he was not long wearing his new clothes . Pivotally , Frank Field was defeated in his astonishingly rightist agenda by the Party . This party were the slime left when the idealistic lefts after Blackpool and that slime congealed about one man . Gordon Brown.. From then on Blair had to either risk everything or go along for the ride . We all know which way he went . He smiled like a ballroom dancer whose legs have gone beneath him but he just keeps pretending its all marvellous.
Politics became a matter of hiding taxes , bribing dependants , misleading the voter and above it all always that smile. Now as the myth of economic competence collapses the Union buckles and the bribed cannot be bribed any more there is none of the body left . Only , like the Cheshire cat .. a pointlessly lingering sickening pleading smile.

You want to smash it down his throat , you want revenge and yet what do we get .We get another rather well presented compromiser. We know that Cameron cannot promise tax cuts as he would lose the public service vote , now too swollen to ignore. We know he shouldn’t nail down policy when the best attack is to keep the focus on Brown’s record. We know he must seek rapprochement with the centre and we also know we aren’t going to like it much .In the past one would have smirked at the cynicism and kept our council but we have become idealists . The romantic that was always in the gut has crawled to the throat thrown out a howl; of disgust a at what has been done to the country , the family , the people.
I believe that much of the hatred directed at David Cameron from the right is in fact a hatred of the world, made by Blair .What hideous irony if the true architect of the decline were to benefit from a rage whose beginnings , he was responsible for.The real heart of evil the pale twitching maggot in the centre of the stinking fruit . GORDON BROWN.

Help the party. Losing is unthinkable

Sunday, January 14, 2007

PS on Links ...Groan

A quick note I have now linked to Istanbultory. I was only vaguely aware he had a blog but having read it he is like me with brains ,so I will steal regularly . Also Justin our marvellous neighbour who is a Catherine Wheel shooting off sparks of Conservative invention. He is the only person I have ever seen using the phrase "Get her" ,in a poltical context, it is clear he is destined for great things . I very much hope so anyway.

I `d better link City Unslicker is which is really good but that is absolutely absolutely no exceptions; it!!!

All Aboard The Lying scotsman

I read Gordon Browns not unpredictable defence of the Union with my jaw in the fully dropped position . It is rare that such flagrant opportunism has swaggered onto the political stage in the attire of principle. A dose of mendacious quasi-Unionism was inevitable but when it shot up it was like the biggest firework in the show .Ooooo ahhahhh.!!!!
The Conservative party is not against the Union . Devolution was encouraged the Labour Party in order , it thought , to shore up its position North of the Border. The Scots living in England were not consulted . Gordon Brown thought said that the regionalisation of England , another foul attack on this country , could be set against the creation of an independent parliament but inevitably Scotland has taken its own direction. The Conservative Party and the English are only reacting to the clear disparity between the value of the English votes and Scottish votes. Additionally the endless poison squeezed out by the two faced Alec Salmon has intentionally sped the process .The Barnett Formula has rubbed salt into the wound. What was once a family squabble between the pictish hoard and the fair Southern “Angels” has deepened into a real political debate which can only go in one direction,
.The good People of Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath know that Gordon Brown has ;little to do with them .At the heart of it; this is the elephant in the Living room.It isn`t that Scottish votes are counted on English legislation it is that Scottish votes ,may well decide the outcome of the general election They will set the agenda of legislation for Scottish votes to be counted on.Conservatives are not anti Union they recognise that this Pandoras box cannot be shut and the only way to retain the union sustainably is to evolve into a loose federation with all countries meeting independently and equally . There is no difficult in continuing to act as one nation in Foreign policy and you could even keep the BBC if you must.
Conservatives have been astonishingly loyal to the Union and if Gordon brown thinks he can stir dissent by appealing to right wing nostalgia he entirely misjudges the direction and pace of change .He gives the impression of a man holding a telescope to his blind eye , refusing to acknowledge the entirely clear self interest that has provoked his Damascene conversion to "Great Britain"Get you tickets and all aboard the Lying Scotsman! It is building up a head of steam and we can expect plenty more. Many charlatans have draped themselves in the flag but I cannot think of one it fitted so poorly

I Link therefore I am

Under intense pressure from Praguetory I have finally persuaded Croydonian to help me put some links up . I `m not a fan of blogs about bloggery with its incestuous and fetid atmosphere. I think its a medium for reaching out or its a chat room without the sex . I `m taking a different tack than some who fill their pages with hundreds of links. I have linked to Blogs I actually read and like .I will not link to any more.I do look at others, City Slicker for example but I want to give new entrants something manageable.

I hope anyone whose arm I twist to look at mine will give them a glance they are all , in their different ways ,well worth reading .

1 Top of my list is Croydonian . He takes the gold medal by a shirts width. His stories are several days ahead of the mainstream media and his speed in picking them out and presenting them is quite astonishing . He interacts with contributors often deepening a comment with background material and never fails to be courteous and amusing. He posts several items a day and for his readers is a running on the minute news source. If you look at one ;look at his .
2 In no particular order from this point Praguetory is what I regard as the Boggers blogger. He is the sort of Conservative Socialist cannot abide . Combatitive and ferociously clever , nothing seems to escape him. You don’t get the humour of the more clubbable Croydonian but you do get an informed Party Political view. His slant is more to mainstream Conservative Politics and without him the “sphere” would lose a commentator of real worth and substance. You will know more than you did before after a few moments in his company.
3 Fortean Times is written by the lovely Phillipa whose presence is one of the great attractions of Boris`s Blog. This is more , like mine, a personal and occasional Blog concerning her interests . She is , in my view, the best writer of all and at times produces imaginative and lyrical flights of ironic invention that are a delight. Beguiling , warm complicated sexy and Conservative to her fingertips .The perfect women . To visit her is to meet her. Please do.
4 Ellee- I sometimes find Elee a bit alarmingly left wing…well compared to me anyway!! . She does like her environmental issues and is nice to everyone ,which I cannot be. I love her blog though . She is more journalistic in style able to present issues clearly with depth balance and always a pleasure to read. There is a sort of calm and good nature about her that is a welcome change form the over heated atmosphere of virtual shouting .
It seems astonishing that you are not required to pay for her posts which are limpid pools of sense with wonderfully presented supporting information.
5 Raincoaster- rain coaster is based in Vancouver and in this bog has little to say about politics . I include it in the hope that people may see what is possible with the medium. She creates a sort of media work of art in which oddments and cultural snippets float like glittering fish in her aquarium Her persona is acerbic and a performance that is an integral part of the experience. If you want a glimpse of the possibilities the new virtual world go and see her. Her Political views are woeful so be warned.
6 Cramner is well known enough not to need further praise from me. In his capacity as the ghostly wraith of the Protestant Martyr Cranmner comments on religious and political matters. One of the best things about this blog are the contributions of Voyager .If there is a more knowledgeable human being currently trotting about the orb I am yet to meet him. Here you will find wit and wisdom in an artfully ironic context.Not to be missed
Suz Blog is here because she is local . She seems very nice and as she has just been kicked out of the Liberal Party there may be hope for her. I have found her views ridiculous in the past and I hate pink.

8 Huntin and shootin is the new Blog started by Justin Hinchcliffe . He is the leader of the Conservatives in the next Borough along and ..I see that I haven’t done the link yet . I’ll get back to him….

9 Mutley the Dog makes me laugh. What more is there to say…?

So that’s it , those are my recommendations Iain Dale Conservative Home Boris and Guido are more like institutions and no doubt you will find them but these are the ones I read with the most personal pleasure.
Go on , have a browse.

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