Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Brown Maggot

Posted this on Croydonian ...well I like it anyway....................

Blair says his lines and smiles , and here ........... you touch on the problem facing the saintly David Cameron. I `m never quite sure if you are a Conservative or an anarchist but it has been worrying me that you, and you are not alone , so dislike David Cameron. I put this down to a violent dissatisfaction with both the main parties.While those who would vote UKIP are actively engaged in a game of cat and mouse , seeking to re-make a Conservative party they can join others , many more, have a visceral loathing of the options before them. I couldn’t care less about the disembodied ghost of Marxism but why are perfectly sensible people prepared to rush like lemmings into five more years of Socialism .
I think it stems from what a Conservative at heart really is

.A Conservative believes in people .. He believes that without the state twisting them into beggary and nihilism they are responsible , loyal and even heroic. He believes these good qualities are expressed in notions of duty , love of family and of country, by extension, as the emblem of the tribe. Within this frame work of free individuals tied by a thousand bonds of tradition and affection ,he naturally wishes to help the unfortunate . He will be sceptical of the new and modern but amenable to adjustment coming from experience not dogma. Naturally he will loathe all ideological claims to know an answer and most particularly when it stifles this natural good in people that he cannot forget.With his focus always on people he is reasonable , a trader before a warrior .Sometimes this can be misunderstood , because he distrusts dogma he is identified with the empirical , the pragmatic . From his honouring traditions comes the misconception he is stiff and disconnected. None of this is the truth . Everything springs from an innate delight in the possibilities of free men and women. A classicist thinks that people are buckets and that only by rigorous organisation can they be turned into something worthwhile . After its early mysticism statist socialist have become such an animal. A Conservative sees people as wells . Things of endless depth . He is in short a romantic.

I think it is the romantic that David Cameron offends . Conservatives have been out of power for along time and while they have been events have conspired to bring that romantic core to the surface . As the new Labour project drained of any vison it ever had we increasingly saw ourselves as chalices of truth. An embattled remainder …“free, and to none accountable, preferring hard liberty before the easy yoke of servile pomp."

.Blair claimed he saw a man by a Sierra and realised every thing the Labour party had stood for was wrong . An inauspicious start but it became worse. Born in opportunism he was not long wearing his new clothes . Pivotally , Frank Field was defeated in his astonishingly rightist agenda by the Party . This party were the slime left when the idealistic lefts after Blackpool and that slime congealed about one man . Gordon Brown.. From then on Blair had to either risk everything or go along for the ride . We all know which way he went . He smiled like a ballroom dancer whose legs have gone beneath him but he just keeps pretending its all marvellous.
Politics became a matter of hiding taxes , bribing dependants , misleading the voter and above it all always that smile. Now as the myth of economic competence collapses the Union buckles and the bribed cannot be bribed any more there is none of the body left . Only , like the Cheshire cat .. a pointlessly lingering sickening pleading smile.

You want to smash it down his throat , you want revenge and yet what do we get .We get another rather well presented compromiser. We know that Cameron cannot promise tax cuts as he would lose the public service vote , now too swollen to ignore. We know he shouldn’t nail down policy when the best attack is to keep the focus on Brown’s record. We know he must seek rapprochement with the centre and we also know we aren’t going to like it much .In the past one would have smirked at the cynicism and kept our council but we have become idealists . The romantic that was always in the gut has crawled to the throat thrown out a howl; of disgust a at what has been done to the country , the family , the people.
I believe that much of the hatred directed at David Cameron from the right is in fact a hatred of the world, made by Blair .What hideous irony if the true architect of the decline were to benefit from a rage whose beginnings , he was responsible for.The real heart of evil the pale twitching maggot in the centre of the stinking fruit . GORDON BROWN.

Help the party. Losing is unthinkable


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this; yup, that is a lot of what is going on.

Of course Cameron is taking the only path he can to electoral success.

But are us 'romantics' on the right just supposed to take it on trust that under all the positioning games, presentation, rebranding, and PR, the cherished values are really there? And that Cameron is in such a position that he can't let on without undoing all the progress he has made in the centre?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, there isn't any discipline in Iz Cons for you to be making such statements. If you move across the border, you'll be in for a shock! Did I tell you that I'm the Chief Whip? Over my knee you go!!!


Today's excellent quote comes from current Conservative Party member and London mayoral hopeful Paul Newman:

"If you wanted to know what a lot of Conservative activists would privately like , read what a member of UKIP publicly advocates as policy."

So true. Which is why so many Conservatives are defecting to UKIP making us the only British political party with an increasing membership.

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