Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Aboard The Lying scotsman

I read Gordon Browns not unpredictable defence of the Union with my jaw in the fully dropped position . It is rare that such flagrant opportunism has swaggered onto the political stage in the attire of principle. A dose of mendacious quasi-Unionism was inevitable but when it shot up it was like the biggest firework in the show .Ooooo ahhahhh.!!!!
The Conservative party is not against the Union . Devolution was encouraged the Labour Party in order , it thought , to shore up its position North of the Border. The Scots living in England were not consulted . Gordon Brown thought said that the regionalisation of England , another foul attack on this country , could be set against the creation of an independent parliament but inevitably Scotland has taken its own direction. The Conservative Party and the English are only reacting to the clear disparity between the value of the English votes and Scottish votes. Additionally the endless poison squeezed out by the two faced Alec Salmon has intentionally sped the process .The Barnett Formula has rubbed salt into the wound. What was once a family squabble between the pictish hoard and the fair Southern “Angels” has deepened into a real political debate which can only go in one direction,
.The good People of Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath know that Gordon Brown has ;little to do with them .At the heart of it; this is the elephant in the Living room.It isn`t that Scottish votes are counted on English legislation it is that Scottish votes ,may well decide the outcome of the general election They will set the agenda of legislation for Scottish votes to be counted on.Conservatives are not anti Union they recognise that this Pandoras box cannot be shut and the only way to retain the union sustainably is to evolve into a loose federation with all countries meeting independently and equally . There is no difficult in continuing to act as one nation in Foreign policy and you could even keep the BBC if you must.
Conservatives have been astonishingly loyal to the Union and if Gordon brown thinks he can stir dissent by appealing to right wing nostalgia he entirely misjudges the direction and pace of change .He gives the impression of a man holding a telescope to his blind eye , refusing to acknowledge the entirely clear self interest that has provoked his Damascene conversion to "Great Britain"Get you tickets and all aboard the Lying Scotsman! It is building up a head of steam and we can expect plenty more. Many charlatans have draped themselves in the flag but I cannot think of one it fitted so poorly


istanbultory said...

N, Well said. Nu Labour have always played the devolution card when it suited them, i.e., at the fag end of the Callaghan govt and right thru the reign of the Blessed Margaret. And now when the Scots Nats are on the rise (the SNP looks set to be largest party in the Scottish Parliament after May's elections) its all the fault of the Conservatives. Go figure.

NuLab are now reaping what they have sowed. And the chickens are coming home to roost...and what have you. Big Gordo's single biggest nightmare (apart from ever being forced to come out of the closet) is now coming to pass, i.e., he will have to spend most of his own one-term administration on cleaning up the unholy devolution mess.

CityUnslicker said...

A well written post. i hope the Union can be saved, on fair terms for a change. If not then I am in favour of break-up as I have said elswhere.

As you put so well, Gorod is pure opportunist scum for trying to raise this. i am glad that I have read this everywhere it has been mentioned outside of the bunker-folk.

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