Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Doom For Labour

Just thought I `d look this up
Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot both got Labour up to 47% in the polls

Labour`s 2010 election result was 257 seats for 29.7% of the vote. In 1997 John Major got 165 seats for a percentage point more.
A majority Labour government has left office as a result of an election defeat four times – in 1951, 1970 and 1979 – and 2010.In two of the next three elections – in 1955 and 1983 - Labour lost significant ground. Only in 1974 did Labour win back seats.
Tories- similar picture. Since Attlee’s landslide, a Tory government has lost office three times – in 1964, in Feb 1974, and in 1997. In each case they did no better, or significantly worse, in the next election – in 1966, in Oct 74 and in 2001.

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