Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Leon I love adore idea that the only thing that stops the might of your intellect prevailing is the bias of the media . Could it be, Leon, that you are wrong, and not only wrong, but neither especially well informed or intelligent ?
Lets see shall we, there is no bias here .

Firstly think about the issues. Has there ever been a majority in this country for being ruled by Brussels just for the sake of it ;you know, so they can make us allow prisoners to vote and be unable to control our borders, popular stuff like that? Absolutely not.

Lets be clear then.That is the true position of the pro EU nuts here, for god knows what utopian anti national reasons. And no-one supports it .

Aside from the Lib Con loons, there is the pragmatic problem that concerns the majority. The key question is this ” Would you leave the EU if a viable alternative trading relationship was possible?”

That proposition has near unanimous support for leaving not to say its own political Party currently on 6% not far off half the current Lib Dem Support. How anyone with a any residual belief in democracy weasel out of a referendum, at the very least with a pathetic “It might not be fair” excuse defeats me. A referendum ?! There should be immediate action taken by our elected representatives on our behalf , they already know what we want, why do you think they are avoiding the referendum?

On the media ,don`t get me started on the surveyed and proven bias of the BBC on Europe. I will simply have to quote the evidence again as if it were not obvious. The role of the Financial Times in the Euro debate gives you some idea of the power behind the yes lobby and thats not counting the non stop use of our money to persuade us by the EU itself
Who do you think finances and supports the Welsh and Cornish separatist movements and border regions, designed to undermine the integrity of the Nation.. go on ..ask me.

The question is not, do we stay in, or can we think for ourselves without the assistance of arrogant students .The question is ” Do we fear an protectionist assault by our Franco German enemies sufficiently that we dare not refuse their rule over us ?” In essence the suggestion of the pros is that we ought to.

Its a big scare story

1 Firstly the real problems of tarrifs in the 60s and 70s no longer exist and are better dealt with along global lines WTO and GATT , this will never be resolved but it is clearly not assisted at this point by an organisation whose purpose is to protect mighty whitey from cheap imports.

2 The EU has 53 Free Trade Agreements which will soon expand to 74 more . Other options are EFTA or the EEA which have costs but are still vastly better.

3 We would get the best agreement ever .They have more to lose than we do .Our trade deficit in manufactured good s is £34.9 billion including iconic brands in their biggest markets. BMW , Audi , Bosch Fridges Hi Fi its endless and then wine food and so on, we are a bigger customer to them than they are to us.The suggestion they refuse to sell us their cars and washing machines is childish. It will not happen.

3 One good reason why not is the fact that Europe and it high tax ultra regulated model is declining in relative terms . It was at 36% of world output in 1980 and is headed for 15% in 2020 much of which is only debt acquired form the real productive centres of the word who we have foolishly ignored.

(The parasite of rewarding failure has flourished in the post war European hot house because it could its time is no running out as the retreat of the left across Europe shows.)

4 -80% of British trade is internal of the 20% which we allow to ruin the rest 10% is EU bound which ,as we see is highly unlikely to e affected . Lets us say there is a 1 or 2% reallocation of our export to our better markets China India the US ,,..its all good, and the long term advantageous of engaging with the growing world economies are advantages we cannot afford not to capture anyway.

Norway only has to make a few changes to its laws to make its exports EU complaint and oddly enough this was precisely the deal that was sold to the British people the last time they were allowed a say in 1975. Its just a lie that we will have to do it all but have no sa ,( not that we have as say anyway )
Mean while under the coalition powers are continually flowing from Parliament , I can give you a list since the last election. Far from moving our way the flow is in the other direction costing jobs competitiveness and livelihoods at every turn.

We can no longer afford not to leave te EU and a referendum is required immediately from which the mandate will emerge. A decision now to confirm membership would be a disaster or ERM or Euro proportions .

Right then Leon , you were saying how clever you were .
Over to you.

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