Friday, October 29, 2010

Supporting Norman Baker

I have been defending Norman Baker on Lewes Forum-.The point was , if its all New Labour`s fault why can you not tell me a country that has done well. I named Australia only to be told they had a Labour administartion which currently they do.I Replied as follows ....

Lewesian in Exile - During the period in which we built up a fiscal hole ( up top 2007) Australia was , as I assume you noticed, governed by an admirable Conservative administration under John Howard. He bequeathed sound national finanaces as Major did to Blair. This meant that as revenues dropped there was far less danger and far more freedom for stimulus which Australia took advantage of. Fact.
The further fact that the UK country is peculiarly vulnerable to speculative bubbles by reason of its reliance on services and property makes the structural deficit we acquired all the less forgivable . An administration that let demand rip, got into bed with the City and private equity, and paid off its client state of wasters with the froth was , quite obviously , the perfect storm of everything we did not need
I would be the first to admit that not everything that happens is due to the government but the fact the future is not plannable for is precisely why you do not expect the state to behave like pathetic gambling junky with other people`s money . This is what Blair and Brown did and what Howard did not.

We also benefit disproportionately from emerging markets at least as much as Australia and I would suggest that part of the reason we are up a gum tree are the Communist levels of Public Sector employment plus a tax system that makes Australia look like a business paradise
The codes are overall quite similar but the difference in housing costs means the net income of the antipodean is vastly more.

That, Lewesian in exile is why you are in exile. You voted with your feet so don’t sit there in the sun surrounded by affluence ,Fosters ,shrimps on a barbie and Kylie Minogue telling us we were not conned and betrayed by the socialists here
We were and if this administration is not perfect it simply could not be worse Norman Baker is to be applauded for helping drag this country out of Labour`s muddy ditch

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