Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Real

I have been reading Hopi Sen with huge relish and admiration for ages but its starting to sound clueless now . I am afraid that New Labour are curled into the foetal position and as I start to have doubts about the competence of the coalition I wonder how happy to feeel about it.

Hence Rant of the day. Think I had better leave them to their misery for a bit .....

Get real

Taxing and “investing ” is not new idea its just a new word .You do not have to spend more on welfare to make work pay you only have to spend more on welfare the discomfort of the idle politically acceptable . The less money there is the less it matters . There are jobs. Poles do them.
Labour’s whole botched money go round of credits was chiefly electoral strategy to convert poverty into the “squeezed middle “,colonising its enemies and ending democracy by stealth.
The state cannot increase jobs only employment. Our company could easily increase its employment by working less efficiently ,printing borrowing and throwing cash is just that.
But then what would I know .You are the expert Hopi , you tell me how we productive profitable jobs .
Its an underwriting agency specialising in Construction sourcing web based EU licensed Security
Got any ideas ?

This absurd and insulting suggestion is what , in your opinion, we should do and may I remind you that the despised South East Services are the bit that works and pays for your fun with policy . Where is your utopia , the North East ? Made plenty of jobs there didn’t you . I am paying for them and I can no longer afford it .

What you can see tactically ,that you are lost out on the left , you cannot see when you address an issue. Immediately the old habits kick in and your answer is tax and “invest” As you rightly said there are votes here but not enough. On competence you have fertile ground though . Child benefit and rents are both disasters and the bad news on rents is only just beginning . The longer New Labour continue to be this palsied navel gazing non opposition the worse we will be govenened . For god`s sake get back into the game and leave the Swedish sociallist porn alone .Get out , meet a nice voter , find things in common.

Get real

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