Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hague - Not Convinced

Ok I feel sorry for him but facts are facts .I don`t think I would share a room with a young openly gay man or indeed any young man in my employment. I gather it was not an isolated incident. I mean , how would you suggest such an arrangement, what on earth would be the reason?
Having done a quick show of hands in the office the decision is he is probably gay or bi-sexual. If that is the case this statement is a ticking bomb , it will come out and the fact his wife has mis-carried does not prove he is having sex with her. It is likely they are doing IVF cycles and sex is not required. I know and I also understand the difficulty of the process.
Obviously I do not care if he is gay bi or whatever, but that is not the only issue . Iain Dale has posted the usual portentously finger wagging stuff but he did much the same for Derek Conway.


asquith said...

I suggest one possibility, that he isn't gay & has almost never even thought about anything to do with homosexuality, so he didn't actually realise that his sharing of a room might be viewed as having a sexual connotation.

I've shared rooms with male friends before, I didn't sleep with any of them & didn't want to. It just struck me as a way of saving money. (A laudable thing to do if the taxpayer is being billed).

If it wasn't just after tea I might say more, but I can never be arsed at this time in the afternoon.

Newmania said...

Can`t say I care much either way Asqutih it was only Dale getting so pompous that amused me slightly

Retiredandcrazy said...

Politicians never cease to amaze me. Are we to believe that they can be so stupid?! Sure, I've shared a hotel room with a lady friend to save money but she isn't lesbian, I'm not in the public eye, nor am I entitled to claim expenses!!

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