Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blair and Hopi Once Shared a Political Bed

I bet Hopi Sen ignores this comment :

So Hopi, as a Blairite , how do you feel about Tony Blair`s contempt for the “Spending dressed up as a stimulus” policies you have been torturously advocating , and endorsement of the extended academies initiative which, if you recall , you felt was sucking resources from something or other …In an impressive interview which reminded me why I voted for him in 97 , he all but endorsed the coalition. So , as a Blairite …wriggle out of that one
Lord Ingit ,Crowy Mac Gloat Head of Scoffery at the Munzonian Institute


Bill Quango MP said...

Saw that interview.
he is very impressive still.
I never voted for him, but in '97 I didn't vote for the other lot either.
More of a no show than a don't know.

I doubt Brown will ever be able to be interviewed and admit to even the tiniest of his mistakes, never mind his monumental howlers.
Blair at least admits to some, and on the big one, Iraq, its clear he really does believe that his decision was correct. I'm pretty sure he knows that all the 45min and WMD was just flam to get MPs to vote for the war, but the war was, in his opinion, necessary regardless.

Newmania said...

What you say about Iraq is not often said but it is obviously right and I think everyone knows it.
I supported the war on the grounds of supprting the US and general security , the Liberal wish to make the world better I am less convinced about

Andrew - yournetbiz said...

have we won the war or just going to be a money burner in our pocket

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