Saturday, May 29, 2010

We Need David Laws

I am not especially impressed with the coming out thing I `d have thought it was harder to stay ''in, in the Liberal Party. On the other hand I greatly hope David Laws is not hounded from office ,he has been the Lib Dem who has impressed me most ,vastly more than that preening old fraud Cable .
People are complicated capable of petty greed vanity insecurity as well as genius courage and love . Conservatism seeks to recognize this not deny it ,doesn`t ?So I say let the utopian socialists get their knickers in a twist .We need good people and if it turns out that they have been slightly foolish in their private arrangements I don’t care .

Time for the coalition to close ranks a defend one of its brightest stars


Electro-Kevin said...

I just knew that homosexuals would get confused when MPs were asked to 'pack it in'.

david cameron's forehead said...

I too support Laws, he has the strength we need. This government is hard to keep up with because its policies & changes are coming thick & fast, in general I support about 75-80% of what they are doing. But they will have to work for it obviously, as I owe allegiance to no party.

I don't know what can be done now. Apparently he has resigned & it is envisaged that he will be replaced by Chris Huhne or Jeremy Browne.

WV: rester. That's what I am after working all week & getting leathered last ight!

Auntie Flo' said...

What a wste. Well, I think Cameron and Clegg should damn well get him back again.

I imagine the silence from Clegg was loudly ringing in Laws' ears: you rotter, Clegg, we need Laws.

Newmania said...

Ha he gone , that is a shame

Anonymous said...

"I fear that in today`s media environment "

your statement on Dale's blog.I'm afraid the Tories had no problem with 'today's media environment' when in opposition.And no party was more sanctimonious on expenses than the Lib Dems-while in opposition.

Welcome to government in the modern media world.

STFC Executive said...

Oh do get over yourself, ducky. He should be dragged ou before an angry crowd waving pitchforks and strung up.

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