Monday, May 10, 2010

Voting Reform

Been chatting about voting reform , this was my last comment :

"Centre Party wants second choices counted well hold the front page for I am a –(rude word)–stounded . None of this serious concern about legitimacy has been in evidence when New labour had a large majority based on a million less votes and a smaller proportional vote. Meanwhile of course 70% of our laws emanate form an entirely unelected collection of zeros nominated by an invisible elite and no-one seems to care about that . Lets see ,this illegitimate government ( you say) we have had for ten years reneged on referendum promise did it not . OK then Dave should make a promise and then blandly ignore it claiming the words had been changed one degree . ( Oh and then expect it to be forgotten ).

Still JB is right there are a number of different system all of which have their problems . Put them on a ballot paper and see which one the people like best. My hunch is that the people do not watt to be ruled by the Lib Dems forever but who is to say . We will also consider fair constituencies , fixed terms , English votes and HOL reform

One way or another New Labour are going to have little say in my life and as one of only three tax exporting regions ( SE , E and London) that means they can buy of their chums at their own expense.


Auntie Flo' said...

Have you seen this?

"Labservatives’ nuts are squeezed"

By Liberal Burblings

"I’m sorry. I have tried to avoid vulgarities on this blog over the years, but in this instance I am lost for any other description to sum up events.

I have watched events this afternoon from the comfort of a Virgin Pendalino Quiet coach speeding to Bonny Scotland. Speed Bonny Virgin like a bird on the wing… (That’s enough singing-Ed)

On the one hand, according to Five Live, Tory MPs are “seething” as they meet David Cameron, because they feel they have been double-crossed by the LibDems – presumably against the background of their disappointment with Cameron’s failure to win outright.

On the other hand the BBC’s on-the-spot reporter at 10 Downing Street said that the cabinet are meeting and there will be “disagreements” because some cabinet ministers do not feel overjoyed about Brown’s announcement of the potential of a “progressive” alliance.

So, in essence, the pips are squeaking. Labservative is caught between two bricks, proverbially (see title).

Words fail me to describe my supreme admiration for the negotiating tactics of Nick Clegg and the LibDem team. I told local colleagues yesterday that this would all boil down to negotiating skills and that we had some wise old owls on our team, as well as a couple of young(ish) sharp cookies. This has turned out to be true in spades.

Nick Clegg has elegantly managed to have both Labour and the Tories twisting on the hook. Has he any right to do this? He only has 57 seats after all. How dare he? Well, no. He has the votes of one in four people who voted last Thursday so he has every right to do this.

I feel as though about forty years, or is it fifty, or is it eighty (delete as desired) of British history has come together at this defining moment.

It is a great privilege to be alive to witness all this.

What next? Who knows. But my money would be on a Lab-LibDem-SNP-Plaid-Green-Alliance-SDLP alliance government by either coalition or a coalition/agreements by Friday. The numbers are there and now the great clunking fist has clunked for the last time, it’s eminently doable and totally morally justified."

Auntie Flo' said...

An English parliament...the only way out of being conditioned like Pavlov's dogs by the Lib Dem clergy and their hangers on?

Auntie Flo' said...

Knickers to Clegg!

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