Monday, May 10, 2010

Rage Rage Rage

I have been in a raging ...

I think if the Labour Party has not been passing odious laws and wrecking the country for five years with a million less votes and a smaller share of the vote than Cameron won, then this conversion to voting reform might not be the sick sad farce it is .We should have known better remember Lisbon we should have said , the Lib dems are liars , always have been always will be. Now the suggestion seems to be that New Labour will save itself by buying regional votes no one else gets to vote for and who have their own regional Parliament .It will lose this gerrymandered ultra WLQ dogs breakfast to force anew system on the British who did not vote for it .
Fair votes !?What does that mean my vote has been meaningless for over ten years we do not have a proportional chamber its majoritarian Hopi . One more seat and you get 100%of the power…well a few more .Where is my proportion of power ? I want my vote and I want a democracy not a fucking consultation .This is becoming something quite beyond ordinary politics and its no good you giggling about it that’s just irritating . This is a coup and you are entering bad times with an act of violent provocation
..and what a time to spin the country into political cold war , unbelievable."

On Hopi`s blog.I have always liked Hopi but ....

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Auntie Flo' said...

You are so right: this is a coup.

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