Sunday, May 23, 2010

Labour At Deaths Door

On The day I read that the Welsh Wind Bag has endorsed Red Ed Milliband (aka Little Ted an over promoted Stalinist Brown Noser) I see an interesting fact on Political Betting

The South East
Brown’s party got a smaller share of the vote here, 16.2%, than the Tories got in Scotland. Even worse they lost thirteen of the 17 that they’d held and were left with just four - two in Southampton and one each in Slough and Oxford.

The map is an arresting vision in blue in which our own Norman Baker takes the part of Asterix the Gaul holding out in our little village of Lewes . Having listened to the sharpening of comradely knives for the Cain and Abel rumble ( Ed fraternally flung Iraq at his “huge talent “of a brother ) , only Call me Dave 2 hinted that Labour might have to have to go off piste a little .
I am pretty clear in my own mind that New Labour `s primary tactic was to import new votes by opening the borders but they are busily establishing alibis for immigration now .In fact it chiefly concerns the atrociously bigoted “core vote” and therefore most remaining MPs. Adding a little Nationalism to the Socialism is not the magic bullet I am afraid .
The only answer for New Labour is to detoxify the brand ( now now no chortling ...) and this can be a twelve step process . The way the voting system works it may well be that a suicide note lefty like The stupider Milliband with less experience may be next up.
All of this adds to my growing hope that Labour , in any recognizable form, may indeed be staring up at weeping relatives from beneath its night cap.The frock coated doctor tuts dismally, and in the shadows, a chap with a scythe appears to be asking the company to hurry matters along .
They are at deaths door and Ed may be just the chap to pull them through


Bill Quango MP said...

Its odd how strong these lib dem bastions are. My old town of Kingston-upon -Thames has been Lib Dem for years. Quite why I don't know. Its a shopping mecca, commuter town. Labour got just 12% of the vote.
I expect the very high numbers of students, the university, the nursing colleges and the large hospital plus the substantial numbers of advertising and media tip it into Lib dem territory.

Newmania said...

Same thing BQ colleges, universities and the Council for Sussex in Lewes .

Baker is a really good local MP though , there is no getting away from it

Electro-Kevin said...

Sad to report that Rob Chambers (author of Mutley the Dog's Day Out) passed away at the weekend aged 46.

His memorial site is here:

Newmania said...

NO.... no really thats terrible !!!!

Are you sure ?

Nick Drew said...

that is dreadful news

Bill Quango MP said...

I really enjoyed Mutley the dog's madcap blog style. A Spike Milligan style fantasy land in which I was delighted to be the fantasy MP.

Very sadly missed. A skilful and witty writer.

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