Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Julia Taught Norman Baker

I hate to start with a quote from Orwell and especially as I can’t find it ,and its 1984 .So undergraduate darlink’ , I know ,but here’s the thing , having listened to Norman Baker rabbiting on about transport Policy last night Orwell presents himself irresistibly .
Who has not fallen in love with Julia ? Far more than Winston Smith`s “Love interest” she is sexy clever brave and rebellious, she is hope . Something she said to timid Winston bobbed to the surface “If you do the little things they don’t notice the big things”. This should be tattooed on Norman Baker’s forehead as a warning to the bovine voter as they marvel and his “Constituency work “
I should explain that I was at the “Headstrong Club” last night a quasi-debating society mostly attended by elderly socialists .The odour of provincial 1968 hung thick in the air and unusual knitwear competed with oddly lurid trousers for attention . Norman was on his home turf .He chatted with impressive ease about investing in Rail and giving us all Oyster cards, without which we will not be allowed to drive. They will fit snugly aside the ID card we are promised in the wallet . Oh goody
So far so unremarkable, but as the incredibly boring detail floated above me, it struck me that everything about him is detailed and local its ,“The little things “ . I catch the train and there he is at the station not using a taxi . Good old Norman .My children are on the float for the Parade an there he is judging the prettiest display. Good old Norman . People have offered unsolicited words of praise about his efforts on their behalf , accessing funds for care for a parent or opening a Church fete . Good old Norman ,and sure enough he arrived on time well prepared and armed with an encyclopaedic knowledge of local problems going back thirty years ….. Good old , you know the rest .
All this admirable baby kissing and auxiliary social work makes you like a chap .It makes you say things , and people do , like “ I hate his politics but he is a good local MP”.
There is a problem with this of course .He is not a social worker , a vicar or a jolly fat man who opens things . He is a Politician and if you do not like his politics then the rest of it is no more than a fraudulent game of smoke and mirrors. It is designed to avert your gaze from the big things to the “Little things “
What are those big things ? Well he was one of the lying Westminster plotters who concocted a pathetic excuse for abstaining so New Labour could force their Lisbon scam though .Then , in the Lords , threy supported it . He is also busily campaigning to force PR on us and remove the very local connection which he pretends to set such store by. He makes a career out of exposing waste in the system but as a Beveridge group member he is committed to big State solutions . This will inevitably lead to yet more squander .
So I asked a question of the “ Shadow Transport Minister” and this is a tidied version of it
“ Norman , the country is running an annual deficit slightly larger than Greece`s , we are coming up to a General election in which we must make a generational decision .The debt tsunami that will hit us may leave little recognisable .These are in short deadly serious times .
The Polls are showing there is every likelihood of hung Parliament and you , are a senor Liberal MP pivotal for retaining control in Southern Seat . Nick Clegg cannot ignore you.
Gordon Brown is showing a good bit of leg on Constitutional reform, and if you have not discussed whether you would support a Brown administration you should retire today You Norman may be right at the heart of the small group on whom the fate of the Nation depends ……( by this time people were saying get back to transport and shame shame …….)
Alright then , this is my question . In such a time when you are my MP , why the hell are we sitting around swapping tittle tattle about the bus timetables ,and transport policies that exist only in your imagination ?”
He did not answer, and the hiss of air escaping through false teeth was chilling .He did answer a question of his own invention however and it was rather revealing . He said that he did expect a hung Parliament and threw about some ant Tory remarks . He admitted that he was to the left of Gordon Brown ( by virtue of standing still since the 70s )and that if Gordon Brown did surprisingly well then keeping him in office could not be ruled out . Of course unless he does surprisingly well keeping him in office is not an option .So what have we got ?
Norman Baker would in fact be willing to support the fifth Lib Lab pact , he would be happily on the left of the new Socialist Government and as vote for Norman Baker in this constituency is the best way you can ensure the Brown goes on and on and on .
This should make him unelectable and yet he will probably retain the seat . How does that happened?
Then it was that sweet brave Julia called from far away ….. “If you do the little things they don’t notice the big things”. Yes but I do Norman , I do .


Auntie Flo' said...

So do I... notice the little things. Here's another little thing I've noticed which nunbskull Norm would no doubt vote for:

The 21 houe working week proposed by Anna Coote of The New Economics Foundation. Coote says the reduction in hours would help ease unemployment and overwork, and doubtless global warming too.

In a report the foundation admitted people would earn less, but said they would have more time to carry out worthy tasks such as looking after children and carrying out civic duties.

No chance of that nonsense being adopted, we might think, but perhaps we should think again. Anna Coote punches above her weight by virtue of her friendship with radical parliamentary feminists. Hers was one of the most strident voices calling for a minimum wage and other polices that Labour have adopted.

What really underlies these policies?

In 1990, Anna Coote, Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt, in a social policy paper called The Family Way, made an astounding attacked on men & their role in modern life:

"It cannot be assumed that men are bound to be an asset to family life, or that the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social harmony and cohesion.", they wrote.

Hewitt added, in the book 'Transforming Men,

"But if we want fathers to play a full role in their children's lives, then we need to bring men into the playgroups and nurseries and the schools. And here, of course, we hit the immediate difficulty of whether we can trust men with children."

These are the people who are behind zanulabour's attacks on marriage and the traditional family and promotion of single parenthood - a favourite police of radical feminists because it moves men to the periphery of society.

Old Norman and the Lib Dems are just daft enough to back them.

A key demand of these radical feminists by the way: a shorter working week to enable more women to work.

Newmania said...

I ve been thinking about that a lot Flo and that is highly interesting thanks

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