Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Luck Thom Evans

I love Rugby Union and look for to the Six Nations more than any other sporting event . Wales are my second team, partly because of Mrs. N`s Welsh antecedents but also because when they play well they are joy to behold .Shane Williams must surely get a kinghood for his services to humanity.
So yesterday I enjoyed the late comeback against the sweaty-socks no end, although I was sorry to see young Scot Thom Evans leave the field . Thom is player I have noticed because I once laboured on the wing and he is a seriously quick wing three quarter . His brother is also in the set up and I was hoping to see him with the ball in space
After the game in the midst of delirious scenes of Welsh celebration came the awful news . Thom is in hospital having sustained severe damage to his back .His status is serious and his parents are with him ….
I am not usually much exercised by this or that meeja tragedy .Floods tsunamis and earthquakes I regard as stuff that is going to happen when there are six billion people milling about ,but this personal catastrophe made me go cold . That line “ His parents are with him ….” and the dreadful implication that he might live as a paraplegic . Dan James, you may recall insisted that suicide was his "only option"after sustaining such an injury.
The post match analysis suddenly seemed pointless and you see how utterly superficial was any manufactured animosity to the Scots , our close and old friends. This morning I went onto the Scots Rugby blog for an update and I gather that after neck surgery he is able to move his arms and legs. That sounds hopeful I will be listening for news today
Good luck Thom and the Evans family my thoughts are with you .

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