Monday, February 01, 2010

Open Air Passive Smoking ? I Think Not

The State , in the form of bonkable Caroline Heart-of-Flint, justified ruining our Pubs and working men’s clubs, by reference to “Passive Smoking”. I never saw any evidence there was any real risk to Australian bar staff , above that endured by anyone breathing English air . In fact , call me a cynic , but I always suspected that smoking that was the target and passive smoking was only an invention to get round the old “ None of your business” conundrum . Certainly Liberals that supported the ban, as they do , leant on that disingenuous try -on .It was all about the freedom to live, love and quaff foaming ales, untainted by passive smoke they said.
As usual they were talking out of their collective hairy arse as Andy baby-doll-eyes Burnham has
now made entirely plain. He proposes extending the ban to include office doorways and pub gardens , areas outside pubs, bars and nightclubs as well as bus shelters. Now if the evidence for a passive smoking risk inside was weak what on earth are we to make of the supposed risk in the open air ? In think we know the answer to that.....
Meanwhile The Sun reports that “The Home Office has called in a team of designers to develop a new range of safer drinkware.The move follows growing concern at the number of violent incidents involving glass pint jars.
.....People are quite used to drinking beer out of plastic and paper things but there is a feeling that in public, it is a traditional thing to drink beer out of a glass." Mr Conran said that reducing the estimated 87,000 injuries caused every year by glassware is the key behind the initiative
. "
Now I will happily admit that the combination of lubricated males and shards of glass is not a happy one but I also do not want to drink from plastic . What is required is precisely a safety glass that falls into harmless cubes when smashed thus obliging the would be aggressor to throw beer mats ,in a Ninja style, until his rage was spent . Technology and working with the grain , that will get results without subjecting people to a new childhood in which we are ordered around by New Labour Nannies . I hope this is what the Home Office come up with .


Auntie Flo' said...

Excellent post, newms. This is the government whose members jet all over the world, spewing out carcinogens from their jet exhausts on any pretext to skive and get a free holiday out of the taxpayer.

This is the government whose then environment minister, Miliband, flew to Japan to make a speech to........ 100 flipping Japanese bloggers!

This is also the government whose members drive around in cavalcades of, carcinogen spewing, gas guzzlers without one thought for the babes in buggies they spray with carcinogens.

But, most damning of all, this is the government which is intent on DOUBLING our - hugely taxpayer subsidised - massively polluting, air transport and on forcing further runways on the people of Heathrow and Stansted who cannot take any more air or noise pollution.

Burnham, Brown and zanulabour, how dare you scapegoat and criminalise smokers.

Do you have a death wish, Stalin Brown? I believe you must, as 13 million smokers are soon going to give you a resounding electoral message regarding what we think of you and your gross discrimination against us. We're going to sack you and your zanulabour stasi, you unbelievably authoritarian hypocrites.

Newmania said...

ha ha , back to air transport are you Flo. I saw an interestig article about population implosion in G2 that made we wonder if we really have that much to worry about on the environment

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