Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Not On A Shoestring Any More ...

Waking The Dead's Trevor Eve is reportedly the highest-paid actor on British TV.The star of the popular BBC One drama gets £1million per series, putting him ahead of the likes of David Tennant and David Jason, reports The Sun
I only mention this because Trevor Eve is a running joke in our house for the wooden and mannered delivery of his shouty nonsense . (Who got the titile then ...come on, own up it was only the 70s )


Bill Quango MP said...

John Tham used to get the shouty award by my mum. But the Ham of the year always went to Gareth hunt. {undeserved I thought. but I was only 10}

Bill Quango MP said...

John Thaw Bah thats my strange dyslexia. I get letter inversion, then mirror, then photos flip to appear on the other side of a page when i'm very very tired and Migrained.
And Survivors is on which is sending me into a mild coma with its dull nes s.

Newmania said...

I guessed who you meant though. I had one migraine folowed by a series that abated over ayear

It as terrifying at the time , the first time I mean . I could not belive that anything that hurt that much was not fatal

Philipa said...

Am confused by comments. But then am confused by entire day.

I watched Shoestring but can't say I'm interested in watching Eve now. Much prefer John Thaw. Which of course is now rather limited.

Would happily watch Eve's wife though.

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