Sunday, January 10, 2010

Victorian Values

This Richard Reeve piece is about ..ahem .”.waging class war on the poor through banning and taxing booze “.The progressive fascist John Bandit thought this was a “Killer quote
.The 19th-century temperance movement was defeated by an alliance of liberals and the working class, and it looks like a repeat performance might be required. A prohibition bill was squashed in the Commons in 1859,
It was a remark that I also noticed, but for its terrifying ignorance . In fact the National Temperance Federation, founded in 1884., was formally associated with the Liberal Party .The 1859 prototype act mentioned, had no support from anyone. It was the Liberal government that passed the Defence of the Realm Act in 1914 at the beginning of the First World War, but more to the point is has been the Progressive left that has championed health fascism at every turn since .
19th century Liberals were closely identified with the temperance movement .They were the Parliamentary voice of nonconformist conscience. They frequently preached “ Victorians Values “ at the relatively louche Conservatives who were in bed with booze from the start .This yeasty alliance continued into he 20th century when the so called ‘beer-age’ was mocked .Still it was the cash for honours Conservative Party who resisted the moves towards prohibition that the left “Liberal progressives” actually brought about in the US .

The preachy vote largely passed to the Labour Party hence Harold Wilson’s disingenuous claim that British Labour had more to do with Methodism than Marxism.Had we not had the left alliance of bossy booted Lib Lab nannies in charge we would never have had the smoking ban. Where were the Liberals there ..? Where are they ever when freedoms are to be defended , hiding in Labour’s skirts
One thing worth noticing is that the much mocked “Victorian Values” were something that Conservatives often resisted at the time . The Left forget that it was they who were the Victorian nannies

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