Saturday, January 09, 2010

Still Stalking Sunder

The snow debate goes on , I spaketh thusly

It is no surprise that the Conservative Party should be content with a dim and provisional future , Thank god for that . Only you believe in the earthly heaven just the right “Polices” will produce. It is more of a surprise that the left seem content to pour raw un-treated socialism into the national reservoir
Facts known to everyone outside Labour Party : ‘Rewarding neediness creates need, ‘lack of social responsibility is most obvious in the Public sector‘. Why do we accept such parasitical behaviour ? Why do they have twice as many sick days , why is it that private sector workers got to work in the snow while the public sector as ever , took the piss ? The people who pay for it do not behave like that Sunder.

Your answer is more taxes , more policies , more government ?I think we tried that , and who do you think is going to hit the ground hardest when we go over the debt cliff next year ? That’s right , the weakest.
You regard you antecedents love for eugenics as an aberration but it is not. Earlier and intellectually more honest socialists saw all too well that replacing traditional loyalties with Marxist or social ones would require a New Man , a better man , they thought . Engendering social responsibility is far more urgent question for you and the silence is deafening …except more taxes and more taxes on our children and more state and more observation and more control and more more more . Surely you see we cannot go on that way ?
“Society” is a Marxist concept not a reality. Whilst Margaret Thatcher was making only a traditional conservatve point it is not a ‘construct’ immune from question , what , when you come to think of it is “society” ? Where is the “society” football team ? Nation family Community Friends command loyalty all of which you attack.
You say it is self reliance that suffers , but that is a Victorian point, it is far more than that .It is the destruction of the whole man and his replacement with a battery chicken peeking out of cage unable to walk or even eat unaided


Auntie Flo' said...

It is the destruction of the whole man and his replacement with a battery chicken peeking out of cage unable to walk or even eat unaided"

A brilliant euphemism which would be even more brilliant if you'd said destruction of the whole man and woman...or, dare I say it?...the whole person. That's exactly how it is. I would only take odds with you on one point: your view of society.

Out on the campaign trail, slipping and sliding around a shopping centre on the freezing snow, yesterday, we campaigned up a storm merely because there is such a thing as society and, as Cameron so rightly observed, it's just not the same as the state.

I was told to focus on three policy areas, but in those conditions (let's be honest, in any conditions) there was only one way to meaningfully connect with people: to share their concerns and hopes in a way which (quickly, for they were frozen to the marrow) set up a warm community of mutual understanding, confidence, respect and mutual support between us.

"Are you, like me, sick of Gordon Brown and Labour and worried sick about what they're doing to our country?"

Most didn't even need to reply, the instant, painful recognition and concern on their faces said it all. In that instant, we had a caring community and society out there on the freezing ice alright.

All that remained was to say that David Cameron and our brilliant candidate over here would love to speak to them about how, with the help of Labour, Lib and Conservative voters like them, they so want the chance to try to put it right. Let's give them the chance, shall we?

The heartening response we received from our the people of our local community warmed me to the marrow, newms.

Auntie Flo' said...

And just to prove it, Newms, here's me with our ace candidate, Rob Halfon (in the cap, about to have a cuppa and warm up in my office. Note the cup im my hand, the tea towel is hidden behind my back. Gaud, we earned that cuppa yesterday.

If you're wondering how a fattie like me managed to scoot around all that snow - we were down the steps and in the middle of the compacted ice, where the people are - it's that, though I'm fat again alright (Xmas) I'm wearing three jumpers and a puffa :o)

What a billiant candidate Rob Halfon is, by the way, every day he triumphs over the effects of the cerebral palsy he was born with. Yesterday, while New Labourites were hunched in front of their taxpayer funded fires, courageous Rob (a future Prime Minister?) was hopping around on the ice and campaiging up a storm on crutches.

Pop into Rob's blog and wish him good luck!

Auntie Flo' said...

Blog of the amazing Robert Halfon, next MP for oneof the most marginal of the marginals, Harlow, below.

Please pop in an wish Rob good luck, everyone! No candidate ever earned it more than Rob has

Newmania said...

Love that Flo thanks ever so much love the way you paint the scene . The rather annmoying thing about Lewes is that Norman Baker actually does have a great reputation and Jason, the Tory PPC, is a bit of a plodder but a very sound man.
I am nmot sure he`ll; get a chance with Baker so dug in which is shame.

Newmania said...

Nice pic by the way , you look very sweet

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