Thursday, December 03, 2009

When Johny Met Sally

Ah me ...sigh..lackaday , I have been musing on that strange and wonderful thing "love" , Consider this couplet from Good Morrow by John Donne:
If ever any beauty I did see,
Which I desired, and got, 'twas but a dream of thee.

“ A dream of thee”…. Donne has in mind Plato`s theory of love, in which eternally joined souls are split by their entry into the body, and soul calls to soul from within , when true lovers meet .It is then not just a meeting, but a moment of recognition, a coming home . From such ideas ,ubiquitous in English love poetry ,we inherit commonplaces like “The other half “ and “Soul mate” .English pop music in its yearning moments still returns to this deep well
“ You know I think I recognise you face but I `v never seen you before …
You gotta roll with it …”
( Oasis)

Thus in a pleasurable reverie on 'perfect Union ,I spent the train journey home to Lewes . My eye beam was yanked, however , to an interview in the Standard about John Bercow`s wife the would be Labour Councillor and CV fabricator Sally … She seemed…‘peculiar’ as old Ma N would say .What can one make of little John`s soul-mate ., hisn "Other half "
“…. "Oh, yes, we argue about a lot. He's still very Eurosceptic, I'm pro-European.
"I'm really keen on
Harriet Harman ……(David Cameron ) "He's just a merchant of spin. …." Sally wishes to be a Labour MP although such gobby mentalists talents would surely be better employed on “I`m a celebrity” but I digress .How does that work then?
Whilst conjoined souls is a high benchmark is it really plausible that any politically commited Conservative could omit to smother such a prize prat with regretful but firm resolve ? On expenses she has a good story
... their autistic son was disturbed by the heavy red d├ęcor. "It really did bother him a lot, otherwise we would not have asked ..." Ok I`ll buy that ( cough cough harrrumph …..) at a stretch ,but what about this …
“..evident dislike of Conservatives,( did she try to ) lure her husband to Labour.... "..but he's a Tory through and through."
Is he now …?
I call bullshit . Not for the first time ,I am tempted to go and help Mr. Farrage . Sally`s car crash personality might add to the gaiety of a Nation ( which loves to see desperate z-listers humiliated), but if she is not going to eat Kanagroo`s penis and drown in cockroaches it worth it ?


Little Black Sambo said...

They won't spoil another couple, as my grandmother used to say.

Newmania said...

Ha ... never heard that

Auntie Flo' said...

Hello newms, great to see you back!

"I have been musing on that strange and wonderful thing "love...a dream of thee..conjoined souls"

Oh, good grief. And there was me thinking that love is nothing but an oxytocin rush ('o' is the bio heroine. don't you know) tugging on that neurological silken thread which links one zizi and another.

A week ago I'd have waxed lyrical about your romantically 'conjoined souls', but this week the scales fell from my eyes and I'm returning to extreme cynicism.

Thank goodness, then, that the romantica in your piece proves to be just a prelude to that Shakespearian (newmsian?) realism I've come to know and admire.

"When Johny met Sally", I love that title; what an ace commentary on our political scene which, any fool can see is one massively and criminally inflated, oxytoxin puffball. Or to put it another way, why the heck are we paying these political con artists to jerk off on our taxes and effective serfdom to them?

"Not for the first time ,I am tempted to go and help Mr. Farrage." Exactly. Thinking of joining you. Only one thought deters me, same as deters you: another 4 years of that b*stard.

So, welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss?

God - or Farrage - help us? What's your considered view, Newms?

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