Thursday, December 03, 2009

That Bloody Woman

I am still arguing with that bloody woman Gaby Hinsliff who despite being married is against marriage .Googled her, and guess what, she was "Political Editor of the Observer " . Not too bad looking really either in a faintly Hitler`s Mistress way. Once again she is twisting and turning and I have sought to tear the deciet from her worthless body ..or something ..metaphorically..........

If you know the facts then why do you write as if you do not ? One has to address the outcomes for children or be justly accused of deceit .You are complaining about a largely symbolic redress of New Labour’s assault on marriage , a nudge if you will .
You do not like it boo hoo , I have liked almost nothing New Labour and its camp followers have inflicted this last hellish decade in which Government spending has increases by about the size of all income tax . Get a sense of scale This clearly socially beneficial tweak addresses an environment New Labour have been tipping at 90 degrees to suit their unwanted progressive agenda . It’s wee a bit late for complaining about engineering sweety .
You want to to promote “stable relationships ” do you ? What on earth are you thinking of, state agony aunts compulsory courses in “Relationships ? I dread to think, ands its all too plausible. Its no business of the state’s to stick its snout into relationships only to promote public expression of them.
The relationship between ritual expressions of cultural preference is complicated human and not easy to map .Things that matter to Conservative often are ,... . Were we not already in a factory farm tax environment marriage would need no support but we are. We are all aware there are other strains ,what do you suggest , we continue adding to them? ( Genius at work )

Anyway you tell me , does your marriage mean nothing to you then ? Was it just a boring folderol , a childish pretence ? In your mind, is your husband a boyfriend you are yet to get sick of ? Did you detect nothing of the power of by ritual to speak to now, and the future, and to eternity , to enact the original Platonic meaning of “The other Half ," the soul`s mate .Why not read less “Lines to take” and more poetry ...but then why poetry at all .It could be logically expressed in boring bullet point New Labour Statistics .

....Our eye-beames twisted, and did thred
Our eyes, upon one double string;
So to'entergraft our hands, as yet
Was all the meanes to make us one,
And pictures in our eyes to get
Was all our propagation.
As 'twixt two equall Armies, Fate
Suspends uncertaine victorie,
Our soules, (which to advance their state
Were gone out,) hung 'twixt her, and mee.
And whil'st our soules negotiate there,
Wee like sepulchrall statues lay;
All day, the same our postures were,
And wee said nothing, all the day.
If any, so by love refin'd,........

( Bit of Donne concerning soul`s calling out and finding eachother ...I expect there will soon be a law against it )

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