Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Oh Thats Sick !

I think people have been rather confused that Americans are so unimpressed by the prospect of an NHS . I have had a mixed experience but when our children were born they were wonderful and I `ll always be grateful ,for that . We do not spend a lot on it by international standards and it is not true that bloated bureaucrats parasitize it .Practically all the additional staff of the last ten years has been “Front line”. It is not redistributive really only from healthy to sick which is why partly why David Cameron was relaxed safeguarding this single remnant of the post war settlement.
In the US they spend vastly more on health , almost as much on Public health and then two thirds as again on private health schemes so what is their problem . Well this is it .....
.‘Britain performed only marginally better than former Communist states whose governments spend only half as much on healthcare. Last night critics seized on the league table as an indictment of Labour's failure to improve the Health Service over 12 years - despite tripling NHS spending to more than £100billion a year.”
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They have pulled the Brave New World Trick on us , don`t improve the service , change the people so they are grateful for the crap they have .

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