Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Come On Bob Spit It Out !

Bob Geldoff has written a foreward to a research paper from a group called Custody Minefield . Not hard to see why he should feel so strongly .
Reading this I am coming round to Sir Bob, its clearly from the heart ,and I love the sign off .In fac t I can almost , but not quite , forgive him for those dreadful saccharine versions of Punk with which he polluted the airwaves years ago

Relocation and Leave to Remove: A Report by The Custody Minefield
Foreword by Sir Bob Geldof. Formal Release Date 7 December 2009
I can hardly read the literature on Family Law without simultaneous feelings of an awful sadness and profound rage. Sadness at what has been done to our children and their families and deep rage for our Family Courts and the inadequate practitioners that work within it.
In the near future the Family Law under which we endure will be seen as barbaric, criminally damaging, abusive, neglectful, harmful to society, the family, the parents and the children in whose name it purports to act. It is beyond scrutiny or criticism and like a secret society its members – the judges, lawyers, social and child “care” agencies behave like any closed vested interest and protect each others’ backs.
The court is entirely informed by outdated social engineering models and contemporary attitudes rather than fact, precedent rather than common sense and modish unproven nostrums rather than present day realities. It is a disgraceful mess. A farrago of cod professionalism and faux concern largely predicated on nonsensical social guff, mumbo-jumbo and psycho-babble. Dangling at the other end of this are the lives of thousands of British children and their families.
Here is one more report that empirically nails the obvious fact that to remove a child from their father (in the hugely vast majority of cases), their grandparents and other family, their school and friends, is wholly destructive to a child and its family.
How much longer must we put up with the state sanctioned kidnap of our most vulnerable? Because in effect that’s what “Leave to Remove” amounts to. How much longer do we tolerate the vested interest intransigence of the appalling U.K. Family Justice system? How long before just one of them admit they have got it ALL wrong and apologise to their myriad victims?
This report is important, timely and vital. To accept its findings, which could have and should have, been conducted at any time in the past 30 years, is to accept the awful conclusion that rather than Solomon like resolving our tragically human disputes with understanding, compassion and logical pragmatism the courts have consistently acted against society’s interest through the application of prejudice, gender bias and awful impartial cruelty.
This report proves it. May God forgive them. I won’t.
Bob Geldof (December 2009)


Bill Quango MP said...

Sir Bob has always championed this. he did a program a while back about custody battles.
Good it was too.
Can't see him dangling from a clock tower dressed as Scooby-Do with the FFJ league, but he will do far more good adding his weight in this way.

{I remember seeing him on his wedding day to Paula. looked pretty glum even then}

Newmania said...

I was once in the Studio audience of the Tube BQ she was always around . Nasty looking tart in real life

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