Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Unhand Me Sir !!!

Cameron will not hold a referendum on the Lisbon Constitution if it is ratified .As a chap who would prefer we sidled to the exit dishing out apologetic gurns to our hostess I say , of course and good .
..The enemies of Britain always ask the question after the fact . Heath took us into the Common Market on the basis of an electoral mandate .Some mandate ! Heaths manifesto was , “ to negotiate no more no less” , not to join whatever the cost , his true intention. The Common market played no part in the campaign and 62 % of Conservative MP`s made no reference to it at all . There is no conceivable reading of the activities of the villainous bachelor than that he intended far reaching economic and political union . His pants in short , were on fire .
The subsequent ‘Common Market Referendum’ all about economic insecurity and vitally we were voting on leaving not joining.Roy Hattersley admitted ....
... ..“We’ve paid a price for it (lying about the true destination) ever since , because every time there has been a crisis in Europe people say , with some justification ,well we would not have been part of it had we known the implications “.
So since the 70s the country has been like a blushing virgin in the company of moustache twirling predator whose plan is to lure her up the mountain, ravage her, and claim that by accompanying him she had asked for it , the saucy minx . At each stage the path ahead is easy , the she is climbing at all is vehemently denied . Her shy suggestion that they ought to turn around is met with weedling ,lying and false promises , implied threats ( go it alone then ... hussy) , but when she finally stamps her little foot ,the lascivious scoundrel plays one last card ...
“Oh I see well is that the way of it Missy well if you must go down , there is a cliff feel free to throw yourself off it , I have quite lost the path by which we got here
Any referendum on Lisbon when it has become Euro diktat can only be a referendum on membership. That would be accepting that the only way out is via the cliff route and natural conservatism would not allow it . Many people have jobs depending on Euro law , I do , we have been in now for a long time and the disruption would be catastrophic .
So I say we take the same path down we came up and , slowly over a ten year period of Eurosceptic Government bagging so many exemptions and special considerations s it may be hardly worth leaving. We may yet descend from Mount Super State intact but the best way down is the path.


Bill Quango MP said...

I can almost hear the piano and read the soundcards with the words "help me, Oh help me" as the fair maiden is tied to the railway tracks by the wicked baddie.
But who is that peeping from behind a rock? ...is it Nigel Farage come to save the lady and defeat the pantomime scoundrel?


Newmania said...

I try not to get too excited about Europe BQ , I was at a meeting where Oliver Letwin was being abused by some hyper ventilating old Tory ( nothing wrong with that...). Harrumph blah blah expense , corruption , lies inefficiency .It was all good stuff .
Oliver L made a reply which has always stuck in my m ind mind for its good humoured reasonableness . He said ,“I don’t deny any of that but (spreading his hands ….) but twas ever thus …?”

There is no utopia , there are dangers in leaving the EU ( much as I loathe it ) I`d like a good old fudge

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