Friday, November 06, 2009

Me me me

I have little tome to opine week but I have been about the blogasphere dispensing wisdom to lefties of various kidneys .Hopi Sen has been my favourite blog for while , whilst doctrinally diabolical he is a terrific commentator . This is his latest niggle at Cameron over Europe ... all good fun
This is what I had to say

.When Cameron promised a referendum on the Treaty it was in the expectation of Brown calling an election. It was in other words ; real. He deserves credit for this and only the left are pretending it meant more .Taken together with leaving the Federalist group ( and thereby eliciting gratifying squeals from the Guardian sorority ) he is by far the most Euro sceptic PM in waiting we have ever had . This poses a challenge to Labour internationalism as does the rise of the BNP and the growing anger about immigration the loathing of multiculturalism and much more .Your “Its all a game of media chess” shtick is hopelessly out of touch . You have become the anti British party of Britain and that’s a seriously tough gig

Take that !


John M Ward said...

That's an excellent comment, and I have taken the liberty of reproducing it on my own 'blog with a link to here.

Newmania said...

Really nice of you

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