Friday, November 27, 2009

Red Tory....I Hope

Comment I made over at Hopi Sen`s nest of vicious socialism

Red Tory

"£150,000 of its funding is Tescos which I believe poet and linguist AB would identify as ironic. I detect in this more symbol than matter but then I value symbol and regard technocrats as under suspicion of being hired liars for people who follow symbols .I have not had a close look yet but from what I gather it is an evolution of radical right wing thought of the sort embraced by the Green shirts with their social credits , a sort of One Nation extremism .Sunder`s only interest would be in what he thinks is a blink, ie the sort of collapse of morale in the opposition that is part of the seed bed for social change . South Africa for example , its not as if there were not enough guns , you also have to partly believe you deserve to fail. That’s Sunder , always plotting , always in the shadows , probably in league with the devil.
I am not overly concerned that it makes little sense in your terms or his . In your terms a Country makes no sense which is why you would prefer it was abolished . In your terms family makes little sense when there are quite clearly Government agencies infinitely better qualified to bring up a child and ( Godwins law alert ) this made no sense to Hitler either“When my opponents say we We won’t join you”, just say, ‘”Your children are mine already “
Religious belief is also irrational and in a fact any loyalty of love potentially an obstacle to the proper ordering of affairs. What I hope to find is something like the mediaevalist revolt against the industrial revolution , the arts and crafts movement a reassertion of the romantic sensibility against the classical and an inspiration for a new age that tries to say difficult things even if it says them badly.
So there."

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