Friday, November 27, 2009

QT Review

Impressed with the fat man ( Lord Falconer), who faced down a hostile audience, and defended Tony Blair convincingly .What I really relished though was that , for once , that the Conservative Party had a rep who was not an embarrassment . David Davies was contemporary ,smart and likeable , Melanie Phillips on fine form, and even that bleeding heart Richard Stilgoe to the Guardian reading world, Marcus Brigstock was good.
I was disappointed that with all the enthusiasm for ceding more responsibility to Scotland no-one mentioned that this makes the equal voice Scots have on our affairs, even more of an imbalance.It is quite obviously Labour gerrymandering , has been from the start.

On the Environment there was some disagreement about whether ice is growing or receding. It is in fact growing in the Antartic but receding in the Arctic . This , if you think about it is exactly what you would expect if you turned a freezer off . Where it is on land the ice grows as more moisture is allowed not the atmosphere , where it is in water , it acts like ice in warming water , and melts . Democracy does much the same thing dipped in Socialism

That’s the problem with the global warming people , they may well have a good point but they use anything to hand .Why on earth did Brigstock not have the cojones to tell all the ijits that Cumbrian floods are called '50 year floods 'because it happens every fifty years ,.., its called the weather . If Environmentalists continue to use anything to hand true or false , then they cannot complain if people do not believe them .Similiarly the Snows are not melting from Mt. Kilimanjaro , deforestation has reduced moisture in the air .


electro-kevin said...

I disagree with you.

Fatman looked shifty. Yes, he brazened it out - but that's what Nu Lab are masters at. Justifying the unjustifiable.

He evaded the crucial question "Could Saddam have launched WMD missiles in 45 minutes ?" That is the statement which took us to war. That statement was a blatant lie. And that lie was told because the basic justification for invading Iraq was simply not good enough.

That invasion has since proven to be a disaster as millions said it would be.

Melanie Philips is a Jewess - she's hardly going to say any other than she did.

Newmania said...

Well you see that statement did
d not get my support especially and so I probably worry less about it

I supported it with or without WMDs still do

Philipa said...

Yes I think Lord Falconer quitted himself well, as always. Such enviable confidence in oneself. I bet he was just gorgeous when he was younger. I always wonder what he looked like and suppose he was pretty and privileged. Twas a good episode. I didn't rate Melanie Philips's argument though. It was kinda, 'this is how it is' and I was pleased someone challenged her alleged facts.

Newmania said...

I agree P she knows little about it I think its a pose

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