Monday, November 16, 2009

Brown On Course For Five More Years

‘India can no more be independent than can a cat or dog’ - wrote Orwell and Churchill agreed . Partly because of this merely conventional wisdom of the day , the great man has sometimes been traduced as a stopped clock that got the time right once . I disagree , but what was it that Churchill saw about Hitler others could not , how did he know there could be no negotiation ?
I think he sensed, via the seat of his pants, that Nazism was inherently explosive. I mean explosive here in the technical sense; a system in which change begets exponentially greater and more violent change until all available resources are consumed .Nazism needs war .New labour , I begin to fear does not just need dependence , its ravenous appetite for power needs ever more dependence .
We have reached the high tide of socialism in the UK by normal means .There are already many parts of the country already that are more state dominated than Cuba .We already have a tax system that is more redistributive than Sweden`s ( after transfers are deducted )and as progressive as it can usefully be ( says the IFS). New Labour have now increased their employee count to 8,000,000 hired voters and imported so many more their own supporters are starting to vote BNP .

The insanity of tax credit’s ,a jack booted attempt to kick dependence up the social ladders, is now so embedded that no Party can withdraw it in a hurry. I shall quote once more what Frank Field had to say about it , “ ….,“ No free society can function when very large sections of the working population are imprisoned in a welfare system that their own efforts make little difference to their income “ . He also chillingly said “It is centralising governments last desperate throw “
It must terrify Brown that the last throw has not worked . A Conservative Party still far out from the mainstream of National culture looks as if it may pull off the electoral turnaround of this and the last century . Remember its ‘not’ the economy stupid .Brown has befitted at the Polls from his own fiscal incontinence .It was thought impossible that Conservatives could win at this election until the electrifying pool shift when Osborne attacked IHT.
New Labour realise Cameron would rectify the skewed system they have gerrymanded by delaying the boundary commission and giving Scotland two votes. Their fear is the fear of the German people as the Red Army approached , they expect no mercy. We are dealing with a snarling cornered animal , a sweaty card cheat with a revolver . Brown owes the Unions he cannot attack them .He has in effect just raised taxes out of all recognition with no debate by deferring their payment . If he collects from the country as it is Labour are dead for ever . That is why I believe if he gets in we will see an assault on the British way of life such has not been seen since the war when it was a necessary evil. We have had a taste if it have we not . How long before election results are only accepted if they agree with the ruling cast , for referendums on the EU the left seem perfectly happy with that .
What will Labour learn from their sinister success in broken servile Glasgow . Take a look at the future .A boy born in Camlachie is expected to live to 64.5 — the same as in Uzbekistan. In Parkhead it is 62, the same as Bangladesh. In Dalmarnock it is 58 — lower than Sudan, (and Cambodia …and Ghana. ). Here they thrive.Brown spreads fear like all would be dictators , we are facing an apocalypse, he says , but I will protect you. The many with vested interests are lost . Too manyof the resistance are toying with their menus politically dining al la carte ....

Wake up ! The stark facts are these.. Labour are now only 10% behind ..In an election today an overall Conservative majority of only two seats would result .The governing Party has to expect to improve on its mid term scores and anyway can we doubt the Liberals would once again join their four time allies What does this add up to ? Brown is now the most likely next PM. It is not as nightmare, it is all too real .


Weekend Yachtsman said...

All true, I have been saying much the same for months now.

otoh, so what?

Cameron and (especially) Osbourne just don't have the balls for what needs to be done. A little bit here and a little bit there, if nobody complains too much, is about the limit of their courage. So the IMF will come in anyway. And as for the British way of life, which party will resurrect it? Do you really think the Tories, once in office, would stop the ID card project? Really? Because they have promised to? Oh, yeah, promises - cast-iron promises; I remember now.

And don't forget, Brussels is in charge anyway, from December 1st.

No, Broon it will be, though the Heavens fall.

Newmania said...

Hang on there is no way the Conservatuve Party would have ID cards and the cast iron promise was to have refrendum on the tretay not EU law which is not possible .
Its not our fault

Weekend Yachtsman said...


And the Labour Party's promise was to have a refendum on the constitution, but it turned into a treaty, which let them off the hook - in their eyes, but in nobody else's.

As for ID cards, well just wait.

If Cameron gets in, I bet it will turn out that ID cards are an EU requirement.

"Sorry chaps, I know we said we'd cancel it, but it's the law now, you know, nothing we can do, can't re-open stuff that's in the past, move on, nothing to see here," etc etc.

Contemptible traitorous cowardy-custards.

Newmania said...

Contemptible traitorous cowardy-custards.

Like the insult but you are wrong about Cameron and the EU WY, I would be devastated if you turned out to be right , I would personally conduct a campaign against my own Conservative PPC , who I know

...but your are wrong ...I hope ...

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