Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties Start Tax Payers Revolt

I wonder , did it occur to anyone else watching the witless loafers disturb the City that ,at some point, Atlas might have to shrug . Ordinary hard working people do not generally go on protests .If you want a march it will have to be outside working hours ,and I `ll have to ask Mrs N ,but in the Land of the Free they are not taking it any more
We have better cause to riot . We have a system that is plainly impressed by force ,( see the Muslim threat about Wilders ) ,and not Parliament or people ( See Lisbon Referendum) . The satanic cunning of Brown is revealed more each day .For ten years he said there would be no bust, and during that period he built up a dependent population that meant he had better be right . He was of course the other thing .
Now tax rises, that we would have rioted against ,are imposed without even a debate since November .Its genius isn’t it , by the simple ruse of getting us into debt during a boom Brown has waived through the decision to move to a Soviet style state until the decision was about negotiable as the decision to fly through the window when the car crashes . They have spat on decent hard working people who do not riot , who go to work , who pay and pay, only to see others clap themselves on the back for their generosity with our hard earned money. So what do we do ?
The left on both sides often Pond are denying their true intentions (… and we can now talk about the American left … ) . They claim that only the rich will suffer but speak 'with forked tongue' . The IFS have shown that our code cannot be more progressive without a negative effect and the US system is more progressive than ours notably lacking a National sales tax. It has always been a lie that the sort of money we now need can be taken from the £250,000 and above sliver . Labour have overestimated revenues every single year of their misrule and take it from me you will not avoid it . If you want to try here are the rules
Don’t be English , Southern , a father supporting a family , ,in the private Sector , in small and medium sized business , working at all , budgeting or saving ,sans achey back/ sad feelings ,married to your children’s mother ..contd. pg.94

The richly symbolic American "Tea Party " movement ( ,here and here , for example ) is telling Obama to stuff his socialist agenda , the fuse has been lit but could a tax payers revolt catch fire here ? I`m not sure . If we had a Tea Party we would probably just take a nice slice of upside-down cake and apologise for putting everyone out ,but I am getting pretty mad....Of course any protest would have to be outside working hours , and not this weekend , and not if the weather is nice , and not during the rugby season ….. oh and forget it this month I have a living to make you know .


david cameron's forehead said...

I don't attach any significance to the Tea Tantrums. Remember there were anti-war marches under Bush, yet they made little or no impact.

The right want them to be shaking Obama's foundations but they're getting nowhere amongst the majority of Americans. It is just a moan amongst Republicans which won't win over Dems or independents, who continue to despise the party of Steele, Jindal etc.

If you could point to a Republican resurgence in the polls then I'd be surprised to say the least. Until then I'll hold onto my belief that what you want to be true is different from what's happening in the reality-based community.

PS- Labour are cunts. I would never say otherwise.

Newmania said...

Well you may bbe bright now DCF but then they have not adctually started asking for the money yet , or here have they.

Then things may get a bit more fraught

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I am much comforted by the thought that it will be other peoples children and grandchildren paying for Gordon Browns troughligacy.

I wish America's Tea Party campaign well but they mis-understand this aspect of their history worse than most of it.

Newmania said...

Do they Its either ? I wonder what you mean by that , I know very little about myself

Auntie Flo' said...

Obama and his - ever so earnest - socialists appear to be trying to rewrite the history of the Boston Tea Party as well as the US code of ethics and rule of law to relativise everything. They seem to think the US should have stuck with Europe and that a communist world order, with Obama in charge, would be sort of ok - the fools.

The anti Boston Tea Party thing is also since GOPs and disaffected Dems have decided to hold Tea Parties against increased taxation, fiscal stimulus and rising national debt,in defence of the American Constitution and independence and the against Obama's love in with Sarko the American and the EU.

It's all to horribly de ja vu for words.

I find myself - once a sometime supporter of Obama and despiser of the GOPs and Neocons - in the cray position of sympathising the GOPs now. What a mad world.

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