Thursday, April 16, 2009

Been Thinkin' Loik

Everyone is always excited by change aren’t they I am always more interested in the things that are the same . For example it fascinated me to discover that the genetic make up of the British is niot predominantly Anglo Saxon Roman Viking or anything else but is 80% aboriginal ie. people who arrived about 12,000 years ago numbering no more than a few thousand . By the time Romans invaded in A.D. 43.Britain's population at about 3.5 million . This was higher than its population in 1377 when Edward the third raised a tax on everyone above 14 allowing a guesstimate of between 2.2 and 3.1 million to be made . The growth was slow and sporadic up to 1750 when there were 5.75million here about as many as prior to the black death. The Anglos Saxon Migrants whose influence is so large may have been no more than 30,000 or so and they dominated politically but not genetically as did the Normans after them.
One change that cannot be denied is in the choice of music at funerals Abide with me and Amazing Grace have been eclipsed by West Life’s ‘You Raise Me Up’, for example which I can see being apt for a open Hindu pyre ,( they wanted them back recently ). There’s My Way , Angels and any number of ghastly weepies including the quaintly literal “ Time to say good bye “ by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. Amongst this dismal fare I was pleased to see that some swing their car into the end sideways with a nice handbrake turn. The theme from Benny Hill is in there, and for all we know this is strain of the national personality we have inherited from the aboriginal British.
Who is to say that the unconvincing bits of stone we occasionally see gripped by excited archaeologists at mysterious burial mounds , were not the party squeakers of their day .I hope so.


Philipa said...

Yes the Sixties embraced change for changes sake and look where that got us - tower blocks and terminal trashing of everything un-modern.

I always walk out of shops that play ghastly pop tunes that drone on about broken hearts and big-crescendo-baby-if-only's. Someone told me that classical guitar music sold the most stuff. People would stay in the shop longer.

Newmania said...

Not everyone in the 60s Phillipa , the majority were tthe same as they had always been

Philipa said...

"the majority were tthe same as they had always been"

Yup, couldn't agree more. There wasn't any flower power in our house.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

According to a telly documentary some while back " Tracing Ancestors " or somesuch, the most aboriginal people in England reside near the Cheddar Gorge and somewhere in the Weald Of Kent.

Change for changes sake ? Loons and rainbow tank tops, what happened to them ?

Philipa said...

@bannedorcompulsory -

I think they're in the loft.

Newmania said...

Most of the grand old luminaries of the theatre can be seen cavorting in such attire in their early running around the country shouting for no reason period

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