Friday, April 03, 2009

Lets Put On A Show ( G 20 ..Farce )

Have you ever seen one of those films where the kids are basically nice kids, with a tendency to burst into song , and there is some footling misunderstanding , and just when it seems that something not very tragic is about to happen ,the cry goes up . 'Hey ! Lets put on a show ! We can do it right here in the youth club.'
The feature of these dispiriting affairs is the utterly implausible spontaneity of the “Show ! In a trice decorations are applied , in a merry dancing way . For no obvious reasons harmony goes viral , everyone is so happy and singing and together in the “Show “ that the boys gets the girl ,the father forgives the boy, and anyone who has been watching in slack jawed car crash disbelief ,blinks ,and lunges for the remote.
I doubt anyone could miss the fact I am talking about the all singing all dancing G20 . Everyone is so harmonious , that the fact there is no money and no new agreement is lost in the sheer Joie de vivre.

I hate to spoil the fun but , “Making available an extra $1 trillion”is a cheap trick. Not a penny of cold hard cash has been pledged . IMF Funds have not trebled to $750 billion, the extra $250bn is just a target. .Japan contributed $100bn to the IMF in January , not now . The EU has agreed to contribute $100bn at the last EU summit , not now . China`s $40bn is more or less the finger to the whole thing .A trade insurance scheme is called a “Kickstart." And $250 billion .(over two years) Actually it’s an illusory $125 billion shuffled into a more prominent position , not money . The OECD has been publishing lists of non-compliant nations, for the last year but ,in the show ,its called a “Breakthough “ on tax havens . The Ban on new trade barriers is a hope ,which will be ignored as night follows day .
But what about the grand finale . The Hall goes dark and the dark misunderstood brooding anti hero takes the stage . He is singing directly to his dearest love ,who we shall; call Miss Re-election........ He takes the Microphone nervously ,but with gowing cconviction...
“For the first time, (People are sobbing )...” we have come together....” ( even old dad shed a sneaky tear ) “... to set principles, for the global finance system.” ........ Suddenly Miss Re-election sees she has not understood this man she runs to the stage folds him in her arms and .....turn the stupid thing off !
It means .nothing whatsoever of course , and if I want to sooth my nerves with some amiably moronic entertainment I`ll go for the real thing. Cliff ... ....

Young Ones (ooooeee ) Darling we`re the Young ones wweeeoo .Now that’s quality bullshit .

Facts from Fraser and Letters From Tory is on the case so is Bill Quango in his genially acidic way


Bill Quango MP said...

We seem to be thinking along similar lines.

Newmania said...

So are others BQ I love the Holmes bit I think we will see a change over the next few days

Auntie Flo' said...

Lovely post, newms. Made me smile and cry through my virus laden haze.

Newmania said...

A virus eh Flo , wrap up warm

Newmania said...

A virus eh Flo , wrap up warm

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