Friday, April 17, 2009

Asquith and The Use Of English

I sometimes see Asquith around talking about how working class he is , which amuses me no end . I just had alook at his occassional blog and the title of this one deserves preservation for posterity . Its not my style but it made me laugh and I think I agree .


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Interesting piece, I have met several Muslims one of whom pointed out that many come to the West precisely because we do not go in for Theocracy these days and the very last thing they want is Sharia Law.

asquith said...

Yes, the whole point there is that Sharia law & the sort of utter toss the Taliban are inflicting is contrary to the wishes of Muslims especially recent immigrants.

I am constantly disgusted by the "it's just their culture, let them get on with oppressing each other" brigade. I wonder that they can dare call themselves left-wing.

But I do think that the Islamists have feet of clay because "their own people" can wipe them out. They do not do so because they are too heavily oppressed at the moment, which is why a nice bit of western support is due.

There were people of my frame of mind who supported the invasion of Iraq. I was a sceptic (not a denier) because I wasn't sure whether military action would work though I agree 100% with the humanitarian ideas. I still have a relatively open mind, after the surge. I would certainly not have gone on a stop the war march or owt, especially given the presence of SWP types who to my mind have abandoned leftism in favour of sectarianism & theocracy long ago.

The original draft went off on a bit of a rampage & started making assertions about Melanie Philips etc. so I altered it a little.

There are a fair few Muslims living in Stoke. A lot of them are fanatics. I remember one Iranian girl, fresh off the boat & very pretty (also really clever), saying she had been berated by someone who had been born here for not wearing a veil. Surely if there was a god he would want a face like that to be there for all to see :)

Although I agree that immigration should be restricted, I have nothing against the majority of immigrants on a personal level & will not give the time of day to those who dislike them simply for being foreign. (You, for example, are not such a person & are more fair-minded).

There are loads of Johann Hari articles on the matter. I never understood why he is so unpopular. Yes, people don't like his socialism, but his stuff about culture is different.

asquith said...

I recall Wilders saying that his rationale for banning the Koran was that if Mein Kampf is banned, the Koran should be banned. But Mein Kampf shouldn't be banned, there should be freedom of speech, which is why I supported his freedom of speech against Huhne et al.

There are objectionable passages in the Koran which should be criticised. Let's all read it & do just that, eh?

asquith said...

Because I do find his views objectionable. I would like to be given the chance to explain why & let him answer for himself.

Re: the "occasional" bit. Somehow I never cross the line from posting to blogging. Though I dare say I will at some stage. You know when it happens because you think "This is bloggable".

Newmania said...

Not sure I agree Asquith , I am happy for books to be banned . It is only safe not to bann them if no-one reads them and acts on them so its a Liberla delusion that you can have all freedoms .
A lot of prgressives are quite anti Islam bncause they have a universalist creed.A Conservative concerns himslef less with the way other people like to live as long as they do it somewhere else.

I thought Wilders was right to warn about Islam but his use of the Koran was wrong headed.

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