Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What 'Nazi' Means Today

Complex pictorial satire - No charge :)

.For years every Conservative expressing concern about immigration cultural coherence, moral standards or indeed anything that is not flying in with the prevailing Liberal wind has been referred to as a 'Nazi'.Fortunately this childish rubbish has so devalued the word that it can now be tossed about in the direction of the merely unpleasantly authoritarian.In this sense ( ans in this sense only ) Liberals are Nazis as they believe they have a unique access to knowledge and a formula for such unlikely outcomes as curing world poverty and goodness knows what else.

Also because of their greater willingness to use coercion whether over Europe smoking or their various Politically Correct objectives . They are the swiftest to impose as they are the least aware that others disagree . The “environment “ is perhaps where these authoritarian instincts are most in evidence The Liberal Party also has some characteristics of a terrorist organisation. It is in fact an outlet for wide ranging dissatisfaction ranging from quasi puritan anti technologists , animal rights New Ageists as well as Socialists sitting bewilderingly with Classical Liberals . Above this is a contrastingly disciplined officer class from the usual Public School elite and a viciously dishonest local campaigning machine loathed for their personal attacks and willingness to use anything to hand . It is less a Party and more a Franchise The Liberals feels himself to be a lonely voice of genius in a stupid world and therefore the ends for him justifies the means . Meanwhile the larger Liberal Constituency exercises its real power through the state sector as the professional class of the government. So I think using the modern weak usage of the world Nazi Liberals can be said to be Nazis with some fairness
Hitler was after all a Vegetarian who wanted a United Europe .....(OK I `m kidding ...but still)


Bill Quango MP said...

Funny how those Draper and Brown Labour party leaders videos sit so well in Nazi themed films.
Not just because of the Downfall, but the whole authoritarian empire.

Must have a look for clips of that Valkyrie movie. Bound to be a rich vein of lib dem leader changing parody there.

Newmania said...

Actually BQ I was rather regretting that popst I `m up to my ears and I do not intend it all that seriously ( but did not have tome to make that clear)

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