Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me and John Inman

The Coroners and Justice bill is being debated at the moment and some MPs are lobbying to include Clause 58 . This would extend the offence of incitement to hatred to the area of sexual orientation, placing homophobic hatred on a par with the areas of racism or religious hatred. They say it is not aimed at comedians and so on , but it is hard to see how they are exempt . Indeed it is hard to see how the Bible is exempt .The Qur’an might be in a spot of hot water ... I quote ...
“When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.”
( I take this doesnot mean shakes with pleasure ?)“
Kill the one that is doing it and also kill the one that it is being done to.” (in reference to the active and passive partners in gay sexual intercourse)
Hmm now I `d say that was a tad harsh....! Seriously ,I am a bit of a fan of what we are obliged to call the gay community . Perhaps I have been lucky , but I have met some rather nice gayers. I didn’t think the gay marriage thing made any sense , why not two sisters , I thought , after all they are quite at Liberty to celebrate their love with any ceremony they choose . I have come round to it .....
Of all the odd things it was the gently dated comic thesp. John Inman who did it . When asked directly if he “was” , he always said “Lets say I am the sort of man who has a close relationship with his mother”...about as frank as he felt he could be I suppose. I appreciate his campery was not always appreciated by the said “ Gay Community”, but it was harmless stuff .
I found it rather touching that he was ,(in December 2005 ) ,able to enter into a civil partner ship with Ron Lynch with whom he had quietly lived for 35years . He died early in the morning of 8 March 2007, aged 71, in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London..
It is still not all that logical but when on earth did I start bothering with that . I saw that the status quo was unkind to real people and was overall a good thing .

This shows it is not always by shouting that people are persuaded . Nonetheless This clause 58 nonsense is a ridiculous an unnecessary step. There is nothing I can think of that would be reasonably prosecuted for which there are not ample existing laws .


david cameron's forehead said...

There are, of course, more than enough gay Muslims & blacks. Many of them reside in the closet & should be enabled to come out by a secularist & tolerant culture which frowns upon twats.

One thinks of the gay Iranian asylum seekers & that.

Black "culture" & the attitudes of some Christians & Muslims are homophobic. But I do not take this as inevitable as culture is not fixed & only racists & offence-takers think it is. It used to be part of our culture to have enormous families, for example, & that stopped abruptly.

Attitudes just change. The main thing shoving them along is economic prosperity & general progress, not the state & its attempts to coerce with this sort of business. People's attitudes in 50 years among all sections of society will be different as the invisible hand is at work.

What I say is yes to the civil unions or whatever they're called, even if it was Labour that brought them in, & no to shite like Proposition 8, this shite, & other laws.

Everyone seems to hate Johann Hari but I like him, & this is a right laugh.

Newmania said...

It used to be part of our culture to have enormous families, for example, & that stopped abruptly.

Were you thinking of an anti hate pill ?

Otherwise thast seems fauir enough although I do not want a secular state myself

david cameron's forehead said...

No, I'm just saying that people stopped having so many children because, in new social & economic times brought about by prosperity, they just decided not to bother.

I believe this will in time happen around the world & that. It is an example of how attitudes change "naturally" (ie. without the state or any other coercion)

Re: secularism, I mean in things like opposing faith schools & the government cuddling up to religious bodies, which seems to be happening as even Labour have moved away from the MCB knobheads.

mutleythedog said...

I think you are a very nice guy, with a big heart. Are you free one evening next week at all.. ahem...

Newmania said...

Oh that faith ...well I could do without that entirely

Hi Mut...yes I love myself deeply

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