Friday, March 06, 2009

We`re Rich , Rich I Tell You !

Over the past few years there have been a number of subjects about which clever people were wrong, and ordinary people were right . Number one in the hit parade is the economy . Tribes of genuflecting idiots told Brown-the-clown what he wanted to hear, and he convinced himself that this South Sea bubble was a sustainable new epoch.. Ordinary people heard about a “Service Economy” and thought, servicing what ? Ordinary people went through a town centre noticed eight estate agents and not much else and thought , “This is rubbish ..isn’t it ?”.Ordinary people expected ups and downs , the congenitally challenged and differently intelligent thought “he “ had cured boom and bust.
Similarly endless Policemen have assured us that crime was going down ie they were doing a bang up job , well fancy ! Over time worries emerged about the statistics and mutters about under reporting gathered volume. In the end it is unclear if crime has gone down or the Police have become so useless at anything that no-one bothers to tell them any more . Meanwhile violent crime is up by any measure.
Immigration from the Eastern European countries was something the experts got spot on. 13,000 or so they estimated. They were out by the trifling matter of 587,000 as ordinary people expected . Immigration figures which were issued like holy writ turn out to be based on one or two people in anoraks hanging around at Dover and having a guess . The truth only emerged from local Coucils who began the find the presence of thousands of invisible people a strain on their budgets .

Now the experts are convinced that printing money is the answer to our problems , there is broad consensus about this , they even have a clever new name for it “Quantitive easing “ .Ordinary people think it’s a dreadful idea . Ordinary people think if your currency is ‘leaves’ you will have lots of cash but a bit of an inflation problem . Ordinary people remember the 15% inflation under Callaghan a proud nation was brought to its knees and years getting it out of the system .
Ordinary people like me think it’s the hard drugs of Policy , A quick fix now but an endless agony of cold turkey later.

Now who can we think of who does not care how much he puts on his tomorrow ‘card so long as it stays out of sight for 18 months ? That would be world champion fuck-wit national disgrace and walking corpse Gordon( the buffoon ) Brown. That’s why we have “Quantitive easing “ so Brown can make us borrow at usurious terms to bolster his precious career . The economists can keep a contrite and humble silence , we know . We always knew .


Auntie Flo' said...

Brown printing money fills me with the utmost dread. For all the good this will do, Brown may as well sit at his desk with a child's DIY, rubber printing set churning out Mickey Mouse £20 notes and paying us for our three day weeks with those.

Bang go our savings. Bang go our jobs and businesses. Bang go our services as wildcat strikes break out across the country. Hello uncollected rubbish and unburied dead. Troops in? That's par for the course.

And you're right, we always knew. I remember looking at Darling's forecast doubling of demand for flights and airport capacity around a decade ago and thinking that this could only be possible if zanulab aimed to increase our population by 20 million in the medium term and by an unthinkable number in the long term.

It was clear that any government insane enough to even contemplate that, with all its attendant misery and inherent promise of infrastructural collapse, would be one intent on establishing soviet levels of control and corruption in England and on buying themselves places among a soviet style, corrupt EU elite.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

And Bang Go Our Pensions

The Sunday Telegraph , front page 7th March
"In 24 hours, the size of the pensions deficits facing Britains biggest companies jumped by £100 billion to £390 biliion...
The increase is a direct result of the Banks announcement this week to create £150 billion...
The problems stem from the impact this had on the debt markets.

The ballooning deficits sharply increases the chance that a swathe of companies could shut their pension schemes not only for future employees but also for those already paying into them"

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