Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pants On Fire !

Here is a worthy cause , 'End Violence Against Women',….. ...Each year( they say) across the UK 3 million women experience violence, and there are many more living with the legacies of abuse experienced in the past. Amnensty UK which is apart of the same group use this annual statistic :‘..around 1 in ten women in Britain will experience rape and or other violence‘.Which is taken from this report .
Now I am hardly a fan of violence against women . I have come to the view that a sound thrashing should only be administered under the most trying of circumstances , my shirts having been ironed poorly , nothing for tea , that’s sort of thing ….I jest of course. Nonetheless it is not women ,but men ,who are especially at risk. This is from a proper source , the ONS
“The British Crime Survey in 2007/08 showed that the risk of being a victim of violent crime was 3.2 per cent, although there were differences between men and women. Young men, aged 16 to 24, were most at risk, with 13.4 per cent experiencing a violent crime of some sort in the year preceding the interview, compared with 6.4 per cent of women of the same age. For both sexes, the risk of being a victim of violent crime decreased with age. For those aged 25 to 34, 5.7 per cent of men and 3.3 per cent of women were victims of violent crime in the previous year. For those aged 75 and over, the proportions fell to 0.3 per cent and 0.2 per cent respectively. ”
It could hardly be clearer then , women are marvellously safe as a group .When you consider that women are inherently feeble , this bears great testament to the residual chivalry of the ‘larger and more powerful’ , male . In that women have no ability to assault anyone whether their absence in the ranks of assailants is due to an innate moral superiority or lack of opportunity we can only guess ......Perhaps this is a clue …”Women were more than twice as likely as men to be worried about violent crime - 21 per cent of women compared with8 per cent of men. Women aged 16 to 24 expressing the highest level of worry at 28 per cent. ” ONS
It appears that women have been exaggerating . This might be something to bear in mind when the calls for men to be guilty until proven guilty in cases of rape gather volume


Raedwald said...

The offence of rape includes being negligent as to whether the woman gives her true consent, i.e. having sex when she's drunk. Having sex with drunken but enthusiastic girls also counts as 'violence' in the femmis' eyes - and here's why.

Rape is not about sex but power, they say. Men utilise weapons such as alcohol to increase their power and decrease that of their victims. All sex, except dead sober fully consensual sex between equal gender partners, is therefore violent rape.

Newmania said...

Oh dear R seems my life has been less blameless than I had supposed ....

John M Ward said...

I'm not all that sure about women being "feebler".

All the way from Cathy Gale and Emma Peel decades ago, to Summer Glau's Terminator (don't be fooled by the soft voice!) today, I have learned to be very wary of females…

The "young males are most at risk" statistic isn't all that new a phenomenon either. It was the same 12—15 years ago — and that was official then, as I found out when I was working in the then DTI in the early 'nineties.

Auntie Flo' said...

I must be a dreadful female in some respects because feminist whining just pees me off. I've no time at all for the Harpersons of this world.

I did, however, have a go at Tom Harris for holding up teenage single mothers as social pariahs without once mentioning the role teenage boys - and older blokes - play in underage pregnancies. How does he think these girls procreate - virgin birth?

I will however throw in my two penneth on this. I imagine women tend to worry more about violence because we are, likeit or not, pohysically weaker than most men. So around the half our species have the power to bash our brains in...if they feel so inclined.

Every woman sees and feels that imbalance of sheer physical strength reflected in countless interactions with men every day.

I can't get a lid to unscrew - so need a man. My car won't start - need an AA man. Heavy stuff needs lifting - need some male muscle. I get lost driving in lanes at the back of beyond today, a female driver goes sailing past because she hasn't a clue where she is either, whereas a bloke stopped when I flagged him because protective his instinct kicked in.

It becomes wearing to be reminded every day that, whereas your common sense and affective capacity - and therefore your logical powers (!) - are far stronger than the opposite sex's, you are one of the physically weaker sex when it comes down to pure brawn. No wonder then that women tend to feel more vulnerable?

Newmania said...

you might feel more vulnerbale Flo but it is men and especailly young men that get attacked.
I`m bnot sure setting up women as avictim group is much help anyway

Auntie Flo' said...

I think it's also related to how our country has changed during the last decade and the sort of environment we consequently now live and work in.

Every evening after work I have to walk through an inadequately lit service area where there are often people begging for money. You never saw a beggar in my town 10 years ago.

I don't recall ever seeing drug users on the street a decade ago either.

People have been murdered just yards from my office and there have been a number of robberies one armed. One man was killed as he walked out of the local fish and chip shop and a woman was killed during an arson attack behind my office. There was a recent ram raid at the newsagents near my office.

When my company was in an office block there were a number of arson attacks on the lobby downstairs too - as we worked upstairs.

Two young men rushed in one day and grabbed our coats and bags and ran off with them - in broad daylight and before our eyes.

I was threatened by a gang of about 30 teenagers a few years ago too. We'd locked our metal lobby door to stop youngsters who were regularly marauding round the building and taking drugs in our loos.

The gang were so angry that their fun had been curtailed that they buckled that metal door. While I waited for the repair man to turn up to fix the door, the gang returned and stood around me, leering at me inches from my face to try to intimidate me to run off and leave them to wreck the office block.

All of this has happened during the last decade. I defy anyone to work in an environment like this and not to feel vulnerable, especially if you're female.

Auntie Flo' said...

Also, how can we have any confidence in any of the crime stats produced under this government? Who knows what the true position is?

Bill Quango MP said...

Can't see a contact for you Newmania so shameless plug for another, but different, and better Draper video.

Des Boot

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Auntie Flo', nicely put.

"According to the annual statistics of the Youth Justice Board, the number of violent offences committed by girls aged 10 to 17 has nearly doubled in three years."
""I've beaten a boy up with a stiletto high heel and left him unconscious," says one 17-year-old.

WTF is that all about then ?

Newmania said...

I have notyiced how much voilence perpetrated by women has increased and similiarly I find it mystifying .

Newmania said...

I have notyiced how much voilence perpetrated by women has increased and similiarly I find it mystifying .

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