Monday, March 16, 2009

Reading List

If I intend to save the world I really need to read some of this muck

Green Budget IFS
....figure 3.4, which shows the level of estimated public debt between now and 2014 both with and without the currently planned ‘stimulus’. Only 21.1% of the planned increase in debt is related to the actions taken at the Pre Budget Report last year, the rest is simply the effects of a recession of the ‘automatic stabilisers’ (i.e. the tax take falls and benefits rise).

What killed capitalism? The crisis: what caused it and how to respond - 16th March 2009
Andrew Lillico
‘The real economy should have been supported with tax cuts. How much better would things have been if, instead of spending £200 billion (the IMF estimate of the cost of the bank bail out) on the financial sector, the Government had made £200 billion of tax cuts......Although not wanting to start from where we are today, Lilico sets out policies which can alleviate the recession@

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