Friday, March 13, 2009

Proverbs 1

Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend,
And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
(Pollonius advises New Labour ...ok ok it was his son Laertes-)

As in many of the oft quoted gobbets of Will to the S, the “proverbial” is used to show a foolish stiffness of mind .True though isn’t it. New Labour's preferred proverb seems to be “The squeaky wheel gets the grease
The Real IRA/Continuity IRA killings of the last week highlighted an example . The cost of “Peace “, has been truth and money. We have capitulated to the IRA , granting murderers equivalence with the extremist Ian Paisley, and sidelining moderates. Then we have hosed the province with cash undermining the working class tribal culture that fuelled the dispute and bought a tenuous calm .When the moolah tide goes out however , as it will , the same rocks will lurk beneath with moderate organisations snuffed out . The gun men kept squeaking and we kept greasing.
By agreeing to the offensive Al Muhajiroun protest , the police were following standard lubricant policy . Luton has around 20,000 Muslims and is a black spot for jihadism. The police placate them so they won't bomb the airport. No one bends over backwards for the peaceable Hindus. Not for them the £90 million Preventing Violent Extremism budget , gloop gloop gloop.
A number of factors have contributed the New Labour immigration fiasco but the Primary Purpose Rule is especially important .In1997 the requirement that the applicant should show “that the marriage was not entered into primarily to obtain admission to the United Kingdom” was abolished. Immigration by spouses duly increased by over 50% .
That even the hard working Poles, add nothing to the country was authoritatively established by the Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Lords. Muslims have been little short of a disaster. They pose a threat to fundamental civil Liberties and we get no respite from their squeaking . Problems, violence and manufactured grievance monopolise the media . How do we solve this problem? What shall we do ? Deary deary deary me ......
Well the best way would have not to have imported it in the first place but the New Labour way is to pour on the oil .Meanwhile faces on the tube go quietly about their business ,ignored and despised for the most part. These are the people who pay for everything , who keep the cart on the road , who do not squeak . I propose then a cessation of grease the-squeaky-wheel –ism and its replacement with an alternative proverbial policy. “The silent pig eats the most "


Bill Quango MP said...

I am that pig.

{not sure you can say pig anymore..
Jews,Muslims and Christians who don't believe that the resurrection allowed the reset button to be pressed on the Old Testament. Defra etc}

Newmania said...

I am also that "Porcine" creature

Nick Drew said...

Newmania, the well-known silent porcine ?!


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