Monday, March 30, 2009

The Police Must Take Back The Streets

For years the statistics have assured us that Crime was improving, while the evidence of our own eyes told us the reverse . This lead to concerns about under-reporting and a complete distrust of the Police who , it appears , spend eight hours a day devising mathematical tricks to show they are doing a job, and no hours keeping order. A new Report from the Iain Duncan Smith`s Centre for Social Justice recommends freeing Plod to tackle anti social behaviors at low levels . Certainly this is what the Public are crying out for
“According to an exclusive YouGov poll commissioned by the CSJ working group, 76 per cent of people think that the police are intervening “too little” against antisocial behavior
Their recommendations are interesting but I have a special reason for welcoming this report ,namely a shocking incident which I personally witnessed ,that shows how low we have sunk ,and how much we have learnt to tolerate !

My wife and I recently visited Covent Garden, and as we exited the Tube bound for shops we were attracted by the sound of shrill laughter. Just ahead of us we were horrified to see a man , in broad daylight , beating his wife with a stick while he continued to shout incomprehensible abuse . There seemed to be an expectation that a Police Officer would arrive shortly, and it was hard to know what to do .The man continued to beat the woman who clung pitifully to a new born baby .
I looked around for the Policeman in some panic and ashamed at my inaction but what sickened me more than anything was the obvious enjoyment of the young people surrounding this dreadful scene . Some urged the man to hit his wife harder and others, with unbelievable callousness shrieked with mirth . Finally the Police man arrived but there was no respite .As he tried to apprehend the man a fight ensued with the man swinging his stick alternately at the arresting officer and his wife .
Then a crocodile leapt into the fray and tried to eat all the sausages

A Survey today tells us that One in three children have never seen a Punch and Judy Show ( Telegraph )


Letters From A Tory said...

Sounds like the police officer should have issued an ASBO to the young people and the crocodile.

Newmania said...

Geddit geddit !

Auntie Flo' said...

Punch and Judy, heir of Greek Tragedy and Comedy, of the Comedia d'ell'arte and of the medieval mummers, those same influences which inspired and infused Shakespeare. Such a wonderful part of our heritage.

Too politically incorrect for zanulab - and what better comendation could there be?

Newmania said...

Ha Flo now that would not have occurred to me

it's either banned or compulsory said...

You had me going there, kinda shocked right to the punch line.

Sadly I did not read it with disbelief as that kind of attack in real life does happen and we have abandoned responsibilty for it to the police ( or rather had it taken away from us ).

Newmania said...

Gotcha !

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