Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Left Turn

In both Chinese and Japanese, "crisis" is written with two symbols, the first meaning "danger," the second "opportunity. .…The left scent the latter, and a debate is underway about the future of Labour . Neal Lawson has a bash and Hopi answers
This is my advice .....
Frank Field in the early Blair period took it as read that that there was no future in taking more and more from the tax payer .He was thinking about ways to construct a “Progressive” future in that context, before got mugged by the left ,(courtesy of one G Brown ). After the lean years ,aka Conservative spending plans ,Brown drove an aggressive left wing agenda designed to propel this country towards Scandinavian Social Democracy . It is amazing how far he took us

We Conservatives thought it would fall to pieces because social-workers and quango-crats butter no parsnips .In fact ,one reason the right took so long to reform was the utter confidence that Labour would run out of money . It did not happen. Cameron was the decision that it never would, which is why you can hear grinding gears from the Tory band-wagon now
Now it is happening. History is getting retrospectively re-written everyday . The debt Labour do not care about are taxes levied on the future without permission . Even with the best possible outcome taxes will have to go up ,and the public sector will be starved. Inflation will be back in the system and interest rates are going to have to go up at the first sign of green shoots .( Like that will happen ….). That’s why Queasing is not free money .
While the left squabble the real political field is poisoned for big state solutions. New Labour defied gravity ,not by selling us Sweden, but by buying off a sufficiently large constituency with the false proceeds of a speculative bubble . Public Sector professionals ,the old union vote ,with nowhere to go , immigrants , dependents and a reasonable share of ordinary people . That, allied with the Celtic phenomenon ,and the boundary commission lag ,is what created the majority . Polly Toynbee frequently ,and correctly ,complained that by insinuating socialism by stealth ,the argument was avoided not won and the conquest was not assured .Now she will be proved right
The rules are changed . A vital weapon is lost. Middling people in sufficient numbers believed that while they paid more , they were also getting a good deal. That will not be deliverable any more which cuts fatally into Labour support in the long term .If there is going to be a “Progressive “ future it will have to be one that exists in a lower tax smaller state environment .Rather than dreaming of utopias to come they should dig out the early days of New Labour. There is no left turn in the new world .


Bill Quango MP said...

Nicely put.
Not a chance they will see it that way. Socialists tend to believe that if they could only do More of something, it would work.
Its always lack of funds, or lack of sufficient time, or proper training, or public acceptance or even lack of media support that dooms their projects.

North Korea just needs a few more years and the utopian paradise will have South Koreans begging to join.

Newmania said...

BQ always make me laugh ! Thanks

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