Friday, March 20, 2009

Peanuts From Chipmunk

Why does Hazel Blears want to slap a £50 fee on people from outside the EU moving to the UK ? She 'says' the £70mio over two years will help fund more police support and translators ; this will be "Fair" apparently .She 'hopes' it will create the impression that New Labour are listening on immigration . Actually its an 'unfair' tax on folk who do not create costs and the amount is peanuts set against the money bonfire lit by those who do
For a start its really £100 pa because visas have to be renewed every six months . That way the 305,000 non-EU inward migrants arrived in 2007 cough up £30,500,000 pa. Many of these , however will not need special services .The random subjects of highway robbery include Ex-pats - 75,000 . ‘Old’ Commonwealth - 45,000‘New’ Commonwealth - 130,000 ( many first language English speakers ) and Others - 130,000. Of these ,“others “,up to 18% are from the US - Overall about half the People paying are just muggees
The further bad news is that while the scheme will raise £60 million in a two year period the costs it is supposedly set against will be just over £1 Billion .
Migration Watch have a full break down . It starts a with £578 m (2006/7) being funding for English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) training (in two years ), and goes from there .
Next Time Hazel I like mine Honey roasted for extra flavour.......
*(ONS 2007 , the most recent figures )

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