Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ming Vase Monarchist ?

I am continuing to pick the wings off Sunder Katwalas feeble argument for "reform " of the monarchy as ruffianly boy would dismember a gnat. This is his point ..
...what I call the ‘Ming Vase’ monarchists: those ardent supporters of the monarchy whose belief in it turns out to be so fragile that they believe small and sensible reforms will shatter it. ...
..and this is my retort..

That assumes that suggestions made by Republicans and socialists are , “small and sensible reforms”, or that a manner of thinking appropriate to public sanitation is applicable to the Soul of the Nation. I do not accept the principle that the Monarchy is in the same bracket as “Public Sector ” Employee upon which the entire creed of the “Progressive “ ,may be imposed by commitee . It is clear to all but the mentally feeble that the socialists belief in equality cannot co-exist with a monarch at all. Thus the continued loyalty of the people to the idea is a standing source of frustration . Now instead of taking the Princes out and gunning them down in the snow ,you want to slowly poison the Rose . The Rose you may recall was Ted Hughes' metaphor for his poem on the Queen mothers birthday . A small amount of sensible poison will work well enough as all good assasins and gardeners know .
You have less than no more right to talk about “Ming Vases?” than a Thief has to complain he was only going to take the little one .Now ,I think that really all there is to be said about it , and the reason it arises at all is because there are too many pointless New Labour MP s with their noses in the trough and nothing to do than irritate people about a subject quite irrelevant for the foreseeable future anyway.

God Save The Queen

PS Might have been Andrew Motion , not quite sure ( and it might have been when they built that gate ). I `m not agreat fan of Andrew Motion but I like this excavation of the Queen mother in time and place . The final stanza of here imagined 100th birthday ( and much more of it ) is terrific.

My dream of your birthday
is more like a wedding,
the August sky
confused with confetti,
and lit with the flash
of our camera-gaze -
the century's eyes
of homage and duty
which understand best
the persistence of love.

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Auntie Flo' said...

Well said, Newmania!

I too am sick of this minority of wreckers who aim to destroy virtually everything of value, everything that's tried and tested and works about our country and its values and replace these with experimental, so called progressive, target driven communist crap.

Our monarchy, though far from perfect, serves as a crucial constitutional bulwark against tyrany and dictators. That's why the zanulab dictators want to abolish it.

Roll on the next general election so that we can send this Scots inspired mafia back to Scotland and never allow them to set up government in England again.

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