Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God Save The Queen !

Look at them they are entrancingly captivatingly .... ordinary....

Oh god its all so depressing. Sir Liam Donaldson ,a man who almost reduces me to Devils Kitchen-isms, has begun to talk about ,“Passive Drinking” , and even that most exquisite phrase, “ I told you so”, bring so little succour . Plans for asking the state's permission to leave the country gather momentum and my eldest child nearly reduced me to tears this morning
“Where are you going daddy ?" He innocently said “
“ To work you poor doomed infant ,“ I replied...
“ What again ! “ he said....
He is right, what again! I went to work yesterday, that’s enough surely , when the sun is shining and the birds say tweet , the rams are ramming and soon they’ll be lambing, and the sap wells up from the deep .... By what insane logic am I at work ?
Using 'Miss' and 'Mrs' is being banned by the EU ,the state is taking over the banks, the G thingy is taking over the world , all of which is as likely to work as a surfing robot.
On top of all this, Weymouth are dropping the Carnival queen and replacing her with a best community contributor to lead the Pageant . The position of Carnival Queen , it is felt ,is sexist ageist and discriminates against ugly charmless people of all kinds. ...I fear such discrimination may survive despite their noble effort , but I digress . It’s the language that offends me , how thrilling is the phrase “ Carnival Queen”. It is tradition whose origins are undoubtedly lost deep in the mists of the 1930s ,and yet at some level linked to the Chaucer`s May Queen and beyond . Itis that combination of cheerful awfulness with transcendent delight the English long ago patented “.She , the winner , is not an object of lust , she personifies the spirit of young womanhood she is a living sacrament to the eternal seasons of life . Surely we celebrate the worthy , the clever , the astute enough ? Is too much to ask that on one green and sunny English morn we celebrate Beauty .Look at them they are entrancingly captivatingly .... ordinary....

Oh god its all so depressing.


david cameron's forehead said...

I myself would ban this parade simply because I don't like the look of them gitls, & a place that can't find anywhere better looking shouldn't be allowed to exist.

Am going to get myself a job judging beauty contests in Iran & various parts of South America. These new fuckers they're recruiting at the Job Centre are very helpful in placing folks in professions, I've heard :)

Also Liam Donaldson is a knobhead. I don't know how many doctors agree with him. NHS Blog Doctor certainly doesn't.

ian shotton said...

Perhaps the local bike can be entered in as a "community contributor" for services to local lads.

Auntie Flo' said...

In 1557, diarist Henry Machyn wrote:

"The xxx day of May was a goly May-gam in Fanch-chyrchestrett with drumes and gunes and pykes, and ix wordes dyd ryd; and thay had speches evere man, and the morris dansse and the sauden, and an elevant with the castyll, and the sauden and yonge morens with targattes and darttes, and the lord and the lade of the Maye".

or as another traditional ditty put it:

Through the time when the green leaves hide
The dream of summer
has kept us alive
Through the BROWN-NESS
we have survived
Season of the
Goddess return
Let the leaves
be green again
Let us all be
free from pain
Out of the ice
and into the flame
Season of the Goddess return

Hail! Hail! the Queen of the May

Our carnivals and carnival queens are the living incarnation of our national spirit. They are the heirs of old England's May Queen - herself a living breath of the spirit of the Virgin Mary and her crowning during her May festival. And wasn't Mary the living embodient of the those pagan virgins sacrificed to the Gods of the sun, moon and crop cycle by the dour Brown Man of winter as the Green Man of England fought for her life?

This, like so much else of our ancient culture that the zanulab PC pagans have sacrificed on the altar of their craven greed, is about so much more than carnival queens.

This is about the spirit of old England that they embody, the survival of our nation and freedom.


Death to the Brown Man and Hail! Hail! Queen of the May!

Newmania said...

Ha ha Flo ...superb and one of your absolute best ! So enjoyed it

Bill Quango MP said...

Have to holiday in UK as
1) Can't leave without proper authority
2)Haven't any money
3)Couldn't afford the prices out of the UK bubble if I had.

Bring back that west country tradition. That one to do with wicker and some charcoal briquettes

AngloAmerikan said...

Look at them they are entrancingly captivatingly .... ordinary....

They look lovely to me, certainly well above average. Am I missing something here?

Newmania said...

BQ I am off to sunny Dorset

AA...yes they are very pretty but not magazine or media perfect

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Only the carnival organisers seem to be in on this ban. The current and past Queens plus Weymouths Mayor have pronounced their objections ( though current Queen has suggested a Carnival King to go alongside if the lads feel left out ).
It needs the good citizens of Weymouth to oust their self-selecting committee to stop this nonsense.

I suggest that we all attend this years carnival and throw rotten stuff at the Community Contributor ( probably a one-armed communist lesbian for services to some community that Weymouth hasn't even got ).

Newmania said...

arf arf... I will be in the area this Summer actually

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Footnote: Weymouth has retreated and cancelled the ban on its Carnival Queen in the face of widespread public outrage.

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