Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C'est la Meme Chose

Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to nail a lie .It is often pointed out that the hated Human Rights Act has nothing to do with the hated European Union. Thus whenever someone talks about the two as an elitist conspiracy to impose leftish authoritarian values they are smugly told they are confused . The ECHR is a Treaty separate to and distinct from the other Treaties that contribute to the EU they say . The Council of Europe, that agreed the ECHR, is a different Council of Europe to the European Council that forms part of the EU so Viva La difference they shout !
That is bollocks mes amis .Membership of the Council of Europe and signing up to the European Convention on Human Rights is a requirement for membership of the EU. Ce n’est pas optional .They are moreover part of the broad movement towards unifying Europe and the one being formally dependent the other so a legal attack on the Nation joins the political and economic one . Zuit alors !

Zat is pourqois les Conservative came up with the swiftly aborted wheeze of having our own Human Rights Act . They hoped thusly armed to get out of it without leaving the EU. Nil points. Not possible , it comes with the service guv. We can ( apparently ) ‘derogate from provisions ‘- see terrorist detention etc. back in the early 2000s - or we can leave the EU entirely , that’s it . I am , to be honest ,uncertain of the extent of our wiggle room , not much ones assumes so it comes down to this If you want to stop consulting the opinions of Germans on whether a prisoner should have a right to pornography votes or the blood of local virgins then you have to leave the EU.
Mesdames et Messiuers, J'ai le plaisir to nailez a lie …(continu√© √† page 94 )


Raedwald said...

On sparking form Newms - that post has brightened my day!

Newmania said...

Oo thanks

lukashenko the true moral leader of europe said...

Yes you are absolutely right we could leave the EU and join Belarus in being the only European Nation which isn't a member of the Council of Europe.

his holiness said...

oi Lukashenko you forgot the Vatican - but we operate under an even older convention on human right - just hand back the monasteries and stolen wealth (with interest and penalties) and I might think about letting you rejoin the papacy.

Of course I would insist on burning Lewes to the ground - before starting a little local inquisition

Newmania said...

Yes amongst the many sure signs that bollocks is about to follow are words " The rest of Europe ...." cue leftist attempt to impose something we do not want
I am happy that without the impostion of foreign laws we might hope to be as civilised a country as say Australia , America, Canada , New Zealand ...... or do you feel that Germany Poland and so on have lessons for these countries ?

Thought not,the Convention would be a powerless talking shop with out the EU and that is why you are able to make your meaningless remark.

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